60 years of making L.A.'s best burger

Photo: HoodburgerSince 1947, The Apple Pan has been operating out of an unassuming standalone storefront on the corner of Pico and Westwood, serving up equally unassuming burgers (arguably the city's best) to totally assuming locals

Photo: The Eaten PathWizened grill masters in soda jerk outfits brusquely move patrons through red stools sidled up to the counter, a vibe that Johnny Rockets founder Ronn Teitlebaum admitted was the inspiration for his chain, which proves yet again that stealing is totally cool if you're just all like "yeah, I did that sh*t, what of it?"

Photo: Good To GrubHey, is that a Johnny Rocket's burger!? Oh, no, it's one of AP's burgers, which come with mayo, pickles, relish, Tillamook cheddar, and your choice of either hickory sauce or special "burger relish", which isn't just what Carrie did for, like, the first half of season 6. If you aren't feeling a burger, go for an off-menu tuna melt

Photo: The Eaten PathAnd in case the name didn't inform you, they're also deep into the pie game, serving up slices of their namesake alongside standards like pecan and this here banana cream.

The Eaten Path
Good To Grub
The Eaten Path