Annie Pettry


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As Executive Chef of Decca in NuLu, Annie Pettry plates American Cuisine inspired by her Asheville, NC roots. On her menu, you’ll find sweet potatoes that have been given as much consideration as the steak tartare. She’s snatched up several accolades in the past few years, including a spot on this season’s Top Chef.

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Darnell Ferguson


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Chef Darnell Ferguson overcomes, pushing past early hardships in life to become a chef. Before he was able to obtain his own space, he held pop-up restaurants around the city. When his first full-fledged restaurant in St. Matthews was destroyed in a fire, he reopened in a prime spot in the Highlands -- all before the age of 30.

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Laura Rountree

The Table

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Laura Rountree became Executive Chef of the The Table after growing disenchanted with her work at an upscale restaurant. At The Table, diners pay what they can afford, either with their wallets or by volunteering their time. And Chef Laura always make sure, no matter how you may, that you meal will be worth your while.

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1. Decca 812 E Market St, Louisville, KY 40206

Situated in a historic NuLu building from the 1870s, Decca offers a gorgeous setup. Two stylish dining rooms serve refined seafood plates, an outdoor patio acts as a relaxing oasis from East Market, and a brick-and-limestone cellar is home to craft cocktails and live music. Our recommendation? Come for a dinner of pan-fried shrimp or crispy rainbow trout (and the cast-iron apple cake for dessert) before dancing the night away in the basement hideaway with a Waysider (bourbon, mint, lime, ginger beer) and live jazz. If you're here on Friday or Saturday, be prepared for house DJs instead.

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2. SuperChefs 1702 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY

Much like the superhero theme of SuperChefs' decor and menu, owner Darnell Ferguson's story is a heroic one: he's not only overcome addiction and homelessness, but also a tragic fire that destroyed the restaurant's former space on St. Matthews. Thanks to his relentless determination, he reopened his fan-favorite breakfast hotspot in the Highlands, where souped-up morning goodies like red velvet pancakes and the Juggernaut sandwich (fried chicken, egg, pepper jack cheese, and honey sandwiched between red waffles) still reign supreme. There's a Southern-inspired dinner menu and a full bar in the reincarnated restaurant, too.

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3. The Table 1800 Portland Ave, Louisville, KY

The Table is a welcoming, rustic restaurant in Downtown Louisville that offers locally sourced meals using a pay-what-you-can model. It serves as a social entrepreneurship nonprofit, staffed by volunteers who encourage guests to simply give their time as payment, donate what they can afford, or give a little extra to continue the mission of feeding the community. Plates of BBQ sandwiches and sweet potato fries taste as good as paying it forward feels.