Upscale creole in Potrero Hill

Louisiana has long been known as the place to go for the finest down south delectables, but they've actually got other stuff besides boobies too. Bringing some of that non-boobie Louisiana goodness to the Mission, Marcel's Kitchen

Opening today, MK's the latest "upscale creole" venture from Gary Danko/Jardiniere-trained chef Marcel Neal, who's finally parking his catering truck enterprise -- Marcel's on Wheels -- to open his debut brick n' mortar, an unpretentious dive within live music venue El Rincon, which's Spanish for That Old Ass Pitcher for the A's. The kitchen'll be inspired by his "Rolls Royce" Auntie in the Bayou, with a Louisiana Sirloin Hambo (crispy onions, apple smoked bacon, cheddar, and the original Louisiana hot sauce on brioche), the Crabcake Burger (avocado, caramelized purple onions, truffle aioli on the same), and, of course, Chicken n' Waffles, with the chicken marinated in buttermilk and Crystal Hot Sauce and served on a traditional waffle with a touch of Vanilla Bourbon, which flows like a harpoon daily and nightly, when it's frequently mixed with Coke. The place'll also be rocking a full bar, with five beers on tap, nine in bottles, wine by the glass and signature drinks like a Vodka Lemonade and a Down South Manhattan (so... Staten Island?).

Don't be fooled by the sign for the old Cuban/Mexican joint, Marcel's working on changing that, and starting next month, he's also planning on introducing an authentic Louisiana Sunday brunch, which should see everyone screaming at the waitresses to show their grits.