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Where to Find Memphis' Best Pizzas

Updated On 10/12/2017 at 06:04PM EST Updated On 10/12/2017 at 06:04PM EST
Hog and Hominy
Hog and Hominy | Faith Elizabeth Roane
Trolley Stop Market

Trolley Stop Market

Medical District

New York-style pizza with farm-to-table toppings
Pizza master Jeremy Denno, now of Rock ‘n' Dough, created the Trolley Stop’s signature New York-style crust and sauce. Its direct line to Whitten Farms and other local farmers provides a host of fresh farm-to-table toppings that please all manner of pizza lovers (but especially the vegans and vegetarians).

Aldo's Pizza Pies


New York-style pies that you should get covered in vodka sauce
Aldo’s Midtown location’s rooftop patio is the premiere place to enjoy a slice and a pint in Memphis, weather permitting. This New York-style pie is commonly ordered with Aldo’s famous vodka sauce, which is a go-to for those looking to branch out from regular tomato sauce.

Strano! Sicilian Kitchen & Bar

Cooper Young

Thin-crusted crispy pies, a little pricey
Strano’s pizza excellence comes from the crust: it’s thin, but not floppy, crispy, but not crackly, and tastes like the dough’s recipe comes from someone’s Sicilian grandmother (fact: it does). This is the city’s most expensive pizza, so order at lunch if you wanna save a few bucks.

Faith Elizabeth Roane

Hog & Hominy

East Memphis

Neapolitan-style pizza in trendy digs
Thanks to James Beard award-winning chefs Andrew Ticer and Michael Hudman, Hog & Hominy delivers a taste of Italy to your table with the city’s most authentic Neapolitan pizza. Its margherita is likely the best in Memphis, with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and fresh basil leaves. The chewy, lightly charred crust can easily be overwhelmed by some of the heavier toppings, but the flavors and textures work so you'd be hard pressed to actually find something to complain about.

Memphis Pizza Cafe

Midtown (& other locations)

Super thin and crispy crust with delicious toppings
Memphis Pizza Cafe has crowd-pleasing, super-crispy, thin-crust pizza that can hold its own against any toppings. Its thinness also allows you to eat twice as much as you could at other pizzerias. It makes a mighty fine buffalo chicken pie, but the local favorite is the Alternative, a simple pizza with no sauce -- save for olive oil -- topped with garlic, tomato, crushed basil, and cheese.

Broadway Pizza

Binghampton/East Memphis

Thick, hearty pies with the toppings baked under the cheese
Broadway Pizza is a Memphis institution. It served pizza and soul food from an unassuming joint on Broad Ave for decades before opening a second location in East Memphis in 2014. While it's certainly no deep dish, Broadway offers a thick crust and heavy portions of sauces & toppings, all baked in and under the cheese. You’d be hard-pressed to eat more than a slice or two. Call ahead to reduce your wait time -- it takes more than a hot minute to cook these monsters.

Rock'n Dough Pizza

Rock'n Dough Pizza Co.

University District and Germantown

New York-style pizza with garden-fresh toppings
Rock'n Dough is steadily taking over the Memphis pizza scene with its new and improved restaurants -- which now offer table service. The full menu includes grinders, burgers, wings, and beignets. This hearty, New York-style pizza can be topped with all manner of fresh and delicious toppings.

High Point Pizza

High Point

Neighborhood joint serving thin-crust pies to hungry locals
High Point is your quintessential neighborhood pizza joint, located right near the access point to the Shelby Farms Greenline. (Biking to/from your meal is not required, but highly recommended). The menu offers a great selection of standard and specialty pizzas, and the daily special always brings the wow factor (i.e. Pize Toscano: olive oil sauce, manchego, Asiago, crimini mushrooms, arugula, and prosciutto, and finished with a balsamic truffle glaze). The crust is thin and foldable, and is brushed with a mouthwatering garlic butter.



Hand-tossed pies best delivered to your late-night party
When the party is winding down and everyone has had plenty of Wiseacre Tiny Bomb, it’s time to call Camy’s for a late-night delivery. Sure, it has a dine-in area and other tasty sandwiches and salads, but when you need hand-tossed, super-cheesy, fat & tasty late-night pizza transported directly to your face, Camy’s is it.

Holly Whitfield/Thrillist

Little Italy Pizza


New York-style pizza when you want something on the run
For a taste of authentic Italian New York-style pizza in an unassuming atmosphere, you're headed to Little Italy. Choose the cheese pizza or add pepperoni for an extra kick of spice (and grease). You're getting a pie with slightly sweet tomato sauce, precisely melted cheese, and whatever toppings you add. The flaky, thin crust gets those perfect blackened bits and cracks just right when you fold it up, because folding is basically required at Little Italy.

Coletta's Restaurant

South Memphis

Pioneers of the BBQ pizza (and they make heart-shaped pies on Valentine's Day)
Many pizza places in Memphis -- and around the country -- offer a "barbecue pizza," but Coletta’s is where to go for the original deal. It fires up a traditional cheese pizza in its piping-hot pizza oven, and then adds a generous layer of house-smoked pulled pork shoulder after it’s done, so the meat stays tender and tasty. Pour on a dose of Coletta’s barbecue sauce, and you’re ready to eat BBQ pizza from the place that invented it. And don't forget to stop in on Valentine’s Day to get a heart-shaped pie. They'll even make it half and half if you and your date can't agree on toppings.

Pete and Sam's

East Memphis

Local institution that serves up the popular "baby pizza"
Pete and Sam’s is an institution. While pizza isn’t its main focus, it is certainly worth a trip just to try it, especially if thin crust is your thing. This is the one and only place where you can actually get a “baby pizza” as a side dish to your entrée. The baby pizza is about 5-6in wide, and is crispy like a cracker. Pizza is also available in standard sizes, but the baby pizza is where it's at. Just don't put it in a corner. 

Midtown Crossing Grill

Midtown Crossing Grill


No frills thin-crust pizza at great prices
Midtown Crossing Grill offers oven-fired crusts that hit that sweet spot between thin & thick, and crispy & chewy. MCG offers a variety of off-the-wall combinations, but you should make note of the Hangover. It’s like a big, bold breakfast on said crust, with Alfredo sauce instead of tomato sauce, plus crispy bacon, caramelized onion, a melted blanket of medium cheddar, and a fried egg or two plopped right down in the middle.

The Cove

Broad Avenue Arts District

Italian-style pies with unique toppings in a nautical setting
We know. The Cove is primarily known as a cocktail and oyster bar, but they have excellent pizza too. Thankfully, there is no oyster pizza on the menu, but you can have shrimp on it if you'd like. The Binghampton is the favorite of regulars. It features a horseradish cream sauce paired with spiced Italian beef, sliced pickles, and crushed Kettle chips. All of the Cove’s pizzas are served on a crispy pita crust and are easily consumed by one person, though I’ve seen a few kind souls share a slice or two. On the second Sunday each month, Kunal Jadhav, a regular, makes delicious Indian-inspired pizzas (think chicken tandoori, palak paneer) and donates the proceeds to charity.


University District

Traditional handmade pizzas in classic Italian digs
Garibaldi’s has been in business for over 40 years, and for good reason. Their breads, doughs, and sauces are prepared in-house daily using only the finest, freshest ingredients. Also, two words: lunch buffet. There are three locations now, but the original is the one near the University of Memphis. There’s a U of M Tigers room, pinball, and cheap pitchers of beer. Perfection.

Exlines’ Best Pizza in Town


Simple pies with great deals and no frills
Another mainstay of the Memphis pizza scene for over 40 years, Exlines also offers an incredible lunch deal. Get a 6-inch pizza, salad, and bottomless drink for $7. And lunch doesn't officially end until 5pm. The pizza isn't gourmet, but it's mighty good, and best of all, always comes out with a smile.