This Donut Shop & Bar Packs Donuts With Entire Meals

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For a sweets shop/gastropub in Kansas City, Missouri, donuts are much more than fried-and-glazed confectionaries. Welcome to the Doughnut Lounge, a donut bakery/bar where you can order traditional donuts or something a bit more special: their signature item, a collision of a donut and an entire meal, fondly called the nodut.

“We decided to call this donut-meet-entree idea the ‘nodut.’ It could be chicken-fried, or the egg sammy,” explains owner Jake Randall. “The idea is where you take donuts and you introduce it into the world of the entree.”

The name nodut originated after Randall’s young daughter couldn’t pronounce the word "donut," and instead referred to the fried pastry as "noduts."

The Doughnut Lounge’s line of noduts comes in a variety of flavors, like the popular chicken-fried nodut. The concoction is grounded by a donut waffle, which is topped with fried chicken coated in maple glaze and honey Sriracha. Or go for the glazed and gravy nodut, a glazed donut that’s loaded with homemade sage sausage and a still-yolky fried egg. There’s even an irrefutable breakfast iteration called the granola nodut, featuring a granola cake donut, yogurt, house-made granola, honey, and fresh fruit.

If there's one thing you can be certain about, it's that your answer to "wanna try a nodut?" will inevitably be "no duh."

Check out the video above to see how this fusion of donut and entrees comes together.

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Amy Schulman is an Editorial Assistant at Thrillist who could be classified as a nodut. Follow her on Instagram.