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The Mr. Yum guy brings you tempura lobster & sushi in Brickell

Bonding was hatched by Thailand native and Mr. Yum owner Bond -- just Bond, that's it, what were you waiting for? -- who sandwiched a sultry Asian fusion spot between Tobacco Road and River Oyster Bar, decking the entire place out in mod white tables, pink walls, and an illuminated sake bar.Whether you opt for booth or chair seating, each table is adorned with a hand-picked rose that doesn't have a thorn, but still reminds you how many times Bret Michaels sang that song on Rock of Love.Employing Bond's Thai family recipe, the "Bags of Gold" not heisted by the Beagle Boys are rice paper-wrapped dumplings stuffed w/ shrimp & water chestnuts, then deep fried and tied with an edible string.This Tiradito is made with thinly sliced red snapper that's been coated in a Japanese yuzu sauce and jalapeno slices.This is just good math: they take two Florida lobster tails, tempura them both, smother them in Japanese spicy mayo, and put the tails together...... then throw in an 8-piece roll with lo mein lettuce and caviar.