Bacon cups, sandos & lots of cookies in Buena Vista

Not just the second-best conversation heart saying after "Fax Me", B Sweet is also a house -- seriously, it's in an apt complex -- of sweet and savory eats in Buena Vista opened by a veteran and former "Top 10 in US" pastry chef according to Chocolatier Magazine (you know, Chocolatier Magazine) and his Argentine wife, who's a veteran at smuggling cookware back from her homeland.They maintain that lusted-after "this was actually someone's house at one point" vibe by outfitting it with a few wooden tables, tapestries, and an iron lantern.You can also eat outside in the palm-surrounded garden area.Although not of the Little Debbie variety, these mini-bites are still awesome because they're filled with Provolone, chorizo, and olives, and are served in an antique plate that was strategically stashed in a suitcase to clear customs coming back from Argentina.That dishware-smuggling wife designed the entire menu, which also includes sandwiches like this Philly with Gruyere, mozz, and provolone on a pressed, house-made baguette. Yes, those are definitely Sun Chips.That flat bread you're staring at is slathered with pesto before being stuffed with hockey pucks of mozz and tomato.The husband's awesome at pastries, remember? Of course you do, you read Chocolatier Magazine. So snag one of his home-baked cookies like chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin (so, chocolate chip).Eggs loaded with cheese and wrapped in a bacon cup, which provides that lusted-after "go on and house it" vibe.