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Michael's Genuine
Michael Schwartz wants to cure your hangover


After years forcing people to deal with The Chick-fil-A Effect (i.e., craving chicken biscuits you can't have until Monday in church, which specifically tells you not to covet chicken biscuits), MG's finally dropping midday service on Saturday, including house-smoked bacon burgers, short rib/Fontina paninis, and a pork belly banh mi.

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1. Michael's Genuine 130 NE 40th St, Miami, FL 33137

Take advantage of MG's brunch and order the kimchi Benedict or lemon ricotta pancakes. You can also head to their happy hour to get loose on craft beers, specialty ‘tails and snacks, or dive in to a full sit-down meal like the pan-roasted 1/2 "Poulet Rouge" chicken with roasted vegetables or the short rib and fontina cheese panini.

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