The James Hotel's sexy new seafood spot

After a year-plus of generating lines, furor, and most importantly, delicious seafood in NYC's Meatpacking District, EMM Group's Catch birthed a more relaxed version in South Beach's James Hotel, where Top Chef champ Hung Huynh will stuff 305ers with a menu full of "Raw", "Rolled", "Cold", and "Large Format" swimmers that don't insist on wearing a t-shirt in the pool.The original spot's vibe is carried over thanks to exposed brick walls and industrial lights in the double-decker space, with South Beach showing through via deco accents and bright green booths. Plus the actual beach, outside.Here's how they do the signature Cantonese lobster: the crustacean is chopped up and tossed in cornstarch, then deep-fried before being wok-roasted w/ ginger, garlic, jalapeno, scallions, oyster sauce, sake, and butter actually made from his own head.Wash down your roasted black bass, Dungeness Crab spaghetti, or scallop dumplings with the Neptune: rum, passion fruit puree, honey syrup, and mint leaves, which mint's ex is never happy about, especially because mint always takes the small appliances when it does.Jameson, simple syrup, ginger beer, a Smith & Cross floater, and candied ginger result in the Dirty Bastard, perfect for people who like their oysters and hamachi sashimi rawwwwww, yeah baby they like it rawwwww.