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America's most international hot dog from America's most international city needs your vote!

Miami hot dog

It’s about to be 4th of July in Miami, which means we’re all gearing up for the traditional all-day pig roast capped off by fireworks displays set to reggaeton. At Thrillist, it means we're hosting the Search for the Most America-est Hot Dog

Since our version of all-American means all of the Americas, Blue Collar’s Danny Serfer invented a special dog to represent Miami’s role as America’s most international city. It needs your help, though, since there are 15 other fierce and delicious competitors. Check them all out and vote for one (this one!), but only after you've seen exactly how this beauty comes together.

hot dog ingredients

Since you’ll typically run into people from 11 different countries just going to buy dental floss, Serfer has included a United Nations of ingredients, including a Vienna beef hot dog, Portuguese muffin bun, Cuban mustard, foie gras, and onions sautéed in Italian balsamic vinegar and Puerto Rican rum.

foie gras saute

First, he sautés the foie to get the grease from the pate into the bottom of the pan, Or, dare we say, melting pot. We dared.

onions cooking for the Thrillist Miami hot dog

In go the onions.

grilling the Portuguese bun

While those are getting their grease on, Danny grills the Portuguese muffin bun in French duck fat on the griddle.

100% beef hot dog

Here, Chef Serfer shows the world that he’s not using this hot dog to smuggle black tar heroin, and that it is, in fact, 100% all beef.

hot dog on the griddle

Then, the Austrian dog gets covered in the French fat and immediately starts chain smoking.

balsamic vinegar onions cooking

Hey onions, you got any Italian in you? You want some? Here’s some balsamic vinegar.


And once the Italian contingent has settled in, along comes some rum from Puerto Rico to fire them up.

Cuban mustard on a hot dog

The Austrian hot dog is done exactly on time, but has to wait an hour for the Cuban mustard to show up to the party.

Italian-Puerto Rican onions

Next go the Italian-Puerto Rican onions. If they were a chick, they'd probably be pretty hot.

foie gras on the hot dog

The French get the last word with the foie gras.

miami patriotic dog thrillist

The U.S. gets a nod with the hand-cut potato wedges on the side, for a grand total of seven countries represented on one plate, which is still probably less than you’ll find standing in front of you on line at Walgreen’s.

Sure, you obviously think this thing looks delicious, but it needs your help!! 15 other hot dogs think they're more America-y. Prove them wrong by voting for Danny's dog right through here. We'll announce the winner on Wednesday, so you'll have plenty of time to replicate it for the 4th.