The 15 Best Burger Joints in Miami

Where’s the beef?

Sweet Liberty
Sweet Liberty | Photo by Jeremy Jacobowitz
Sweet Liberty | Photo by Jeremy Jacobowitz

When people think of eating in Miami, it usually means sampling countless varieties of Asian-Latin-seafood fusion with a cheffy twist, indulging in some homestyle Cuban food later on, and then capping off the evening with late night chicken strips at E11even. But if there’s one criminally under-appreciated part of our culinary scene, it’s undoubtedly the burgers. We may not be known as patty pros around here, but whether you’re a grilling purist, a trendsetting foodie, or just someone who enjoys their fair share of greasy ground beef, we’ve got something tailor made to suit your needs. Read on for the 15 best burgers in all of Miami, from gut-busting pub grub to gourmet creations.

Flannigan's Bar & Grill

Multiple locations

Between your green cup-collecting frenzy and late night garlic roll binges, you may have forgotten that this South Florida stalwart still cranks out one of the straight-up best burgers in the city. The legendary Bahama burger is nothing fancy, just some flame-broiled meat topped with lettuce, tomato, and a pickle on a Kaiser roll. But ask burger-loving locals where they go when they’re in the mood, and more than a few will inevitably admit that Flannigan’s dishes up much more than nostalgia.
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Le Tub


Success is all about setting expectations—and as soon as you walk into this license plate-lined waterside shack, you know you're going to be there a while. That’s what happens when your sizable sirloin patty gets called out by GQ, Oprah, and other esteemed publications as one of the very best in America. But nobody minds the wait at Le Tub, because sipping cold beer by the water in anticipation of a signature burger that also exceeds expectations is never short of satisfying.
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Little Haiti

Operating a post office-themed anything in 2021 seems about as good an idea as modeling your business after Blockbuster. But unlike its namesake agency, United States Burger Service just keeps gaining in popularity. Maybe it’s thanks to the cleverly titled menu items (Snail Mail, Carrier Pigeon, Government Cheese), or because the burgers are served atop a row of mailboxes and bagged with logos reminiscent of Priority Mail packages. But even without all the gimmicks, the single patty smash burger with cheese and mayo has the key to our P.O. box, for sure. 
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When you go to a restaurant with a menu as eclectic and inventive as Pinch’s, you might feel a little like an eight-year-old sticking to a simple burger. Our advice? Don’t. Though it’s hard to put your finger on why, exactly, this particular patty is so spectacular, no one who’s ever tried it has walked away disappointed. You’re getting a custom blend of beef, topped with caramelized onions, swiss, and garlic aioli on a brioche bun. Once you’ve cleaned the whole plate—and all the fresh-cut fries that come with it—you’ll never talk smack about third-graders again.
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Photo courtesy of Jeepney



Don’t stroll into Nicole Ponseca’s 1-800 Lucky outpost expecting a burger like you’d get at a family backyard barbecue. But if you’re standing in the middle of an Asian food hall and thinking, “Man, I could really use a burger,” you don’t need to go far. The much-ballyhooed chori burger lives up to its NYC hype, a massive beef patty saturated with banana ketchup, and topped with garlic aioli and longanisa, a Filipino cured sausage similar to chorizo (but better).
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Sweet Liberty Drink & Supply Co.
Sweet Liberty | Photo by Jeremy Jacobowitz

Sweet Liberty

South Beach

You know that amaaaazing pizza place you used to hit up at three am in college? The one you later realized was only so good because you were three pitchers of margaritas deep? One might think this was the case with the Buns of Liberty burger, which is typically enjoyed sometime after two am. But belly up to the bar and order the double brisket-sirloin patties topped with American, house pickles, LTO, and Sweet Liberty Special Sauce during daylight hours, and you’ll understand just why Sweet Liberty knows how to soak up alcohol as well as they know how to mix it.
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Duffy's Sports Grill

North Miami Beach

The most underrated burger in Miami doesn’t come from some little unknown hole in the wall. Quite the opposite—it’s hiding in plain sight at a spot better known for acres of televisions and two-for-one drink specials. While the menu at Duffy’s isn’t turning anyone’s head, the burger is an absolute gem: a half pound of Certified Angus Beef, flame-broiled with total mastery and served on a freshly baked bun. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but if a great burger needs little more than tasty meat and a good grilling, Duffy’s does it better than anyone.
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Steakhouse burgers could almost be considered a category all their own, as the quality of fresh-ground meat they typically employ is head and shoulders above the beef found in less serious locales. And if you’re a fan of this upmarket style, you won’t find a better one in Miami than at EDGE, a sometimes-overlooked chophouse tucked inside the Four Seasons. The 7x Wagyu burger is cooked over the same grill as the steaks, and the flavor of the flame sets off the fattiness of the beef. With that inherent complexity, all it needs is a slab of aged cheddar and a soft bun to qualify for the honors.
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109 Burger Joint


For the most inventive, creative, off-the-wall hamburgers in Miami, the only place to go is…Westchester? Yep. The father-son team behind this modern joint is whipping up burgers topped with the likes of croquetas, sweet plantains, and Blue Moon beer, all inspired by the countries whose flags dangle from our city’s collective rear view mirrors. Don’t go in expecting 109 to play the hits, but if you’re game to try meaty flavor combos you’ve never before imagined, it’s well worth the trip out west.
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Before you jump down to the comments to tell us we failed eighth-grade geography, we know: Gilbert’s is in Fort Lauderdale. But for a lot of folks that’s actually closer than Kendall, and Gilbert's eight-ounce Certified Angus beef burger, char-grilled to perfection and served up on a fresh roll by the nicest people you’ll ever meet in South Florida (far nicer than anyone slamming us in the comments), fully makes up for whatever journey you might face.
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Keg South
Keg South | Photo by Matt Meltzer for Thrillist

Keg South


Kind of like Pinecrest itself, the Keg burger here is straightforward, understated, and super local... but still one of the best in Miami. Expect good old-fashioned American beef grilled to perfection and smothered in cheese. It's nothing fancy, but not only does it do the trick, it also proves there is always brilliance in simplicity.
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If you’re in the mood for food without caloric consideration, nowhere in Miami hits the mark quite like Blue Collar. This extends to the world of hamburgers and, more specifically, to their dry-aged cheeseburger. The creation starts with dry-aged New York strip, gets the American cheese, lettuce, and tomato treatment, and finally lands between two Portuguese muffins. Because it wouldn’t be Blue Collar if it didn’t have Portuguese muffins.
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Batch Gastropub
Photo courtesy of Batch Gastropub

Presumably crafted by some serious stockholders in whichever big pharma company hawks Lipitor, the Batch Attack Burger is eight ounces of prime brisket topped with maple-smoked cheddar cheese and pecan wood-smoked bacon candied with pecan Jameson... which is THEN topped with some panko-breaded Mac Attack, one of Miami’s best mac and cheeses. (TUMS not included.)
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The only way the LoKal Burger could be any more Floridian is if it came with someone’s stolen identity. The guys behind both the Wynwood and Grove locations have taken Florida-raised grass-fed beef, grilled it up, and dressed it with local honey mustard, jack cheese, and Florida-grown avocado and tomatoes.
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OK, so the Frita from El Mago might not align with what most of America’s conceives of as a “hamburger,” but similarly to how we handle “banking” and “importation laws,” Miami defines the old beef sandwich a little differently. For us, it’s all about a traditional Cuban-seasoned patty, grilled with onions and plopped on a Cuban roll—and the best in town hail from the little old man stationed behind this retro diner counter, who slings fritas so good Obama used to stop in for one anytime he was in town. (Don’t tell Michelle.)
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Matt Meltzer is a contributor for Thrillist.