How to Eat Your Way Through 18 Countries Without Leaving Miami

Eat around the world without leaving town.


Miami has always felt like a place you could travel the world without getting on an airplane, where you could literally walk down any street in South Beach and hear Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Kreyol, and at least six different dialects without having to cross a street. Of course, with no people on the street, your international experience is a little bit limited. The good news is we still have plenty of restaurants from around the globe that are serving up food both from their to-go windows and via delivery. So here’s how to keep Miami’s international feel going while staying in the domestic bliss of your own home.

Graziano's Group
Graziano's Group

Argentine: Graziano’s

Coral Gables
The family-owned Argentine Coral Gables staple is still kicking at its original location, offering takeout from both the main restaurant and Graziano’s Market. Stock up on fresh grilled steaks, empanadas, and hard-to-find South American wines. Or just grab some of its legendary chimichurri to-go and grill everything yourself.
How to order: You can order both pickup and delivery from any location online

Caribbean: Balloo

Pinning down what cuisine, exactly, Chinese-Trinidadian Timon Balloo is cooking up in his new restaurant is almost as hard as figuring out where it is. The good news is, you don’t have to try and find it right now, but you can still get soy-braised oxtail, stewed curry chicken, and shrimp and garlic fried rice delivered between 4-8pm.
How to order: Order by calling 786.534.2768

Blackbrick Chinese
Blackbrick Chinese

Richard Hales isn’t just keeping one of Miami’s top Chinese restaurants open, bringing wonton soup and General Tso’s gator to your door. He’s also running the Grateful Hospitality Nourishment Fund, bringing meals to frontline healthcare workers and first responders. So even if you’re not feeling Chinese tonight, you can still donate.
How to order:Order online

Ball & Chain
Ball & Chain

Little Havana
Authentic, old-school Cuban restaurants are about as ubiquitous in Miami as club promoters, so if you want good Cuban food to-go, options are not hard to come by. But if you want a pastelito daiquiri? Well, friend, you’ve got only one option. And since we could spend an entire article discussing where you can find the best Cuban sandwich in Miami, we’re just gonna piss off everyone and go with a place known for its pineapple bandshell.
How to order:Order online by calling 305.643.7820

Ethiopian: Awash

Miami Gardens
Once upon a time, driving all the way to Miami Gardens to finally try that awesome Ethiopian place you’d heard about seemed like a mission. But since traffic’s pretty much non-existent right now, you’ve got no excuse not to try out Fouad and Eka Wassel’s collection of wots and tibs. Generally best eaten seated on the floor.
How to order: Order by calling 305.770.5100

Semilla French Bistro & Wine Bar
Semilla French Bistro & Wine Bar

French: Semilla

South Beach
Unless you’ve got an in-house DJ and have been quarantining with a cadre of European models, you sadly won’t be able to recreate the after-dinner party this South Beach French made its trademark. But you can still get chicken paillard, stone crab risotto, and truffle and leek ravioli delivered straight to your door.
How to order:Order online by calling 305.674.6522

Meraki Greek Bistro
Meraki Greek Bistro | Monica Alvarez

Downtown/Coconut Grove
Not only are both Meraki locations offering pretty much their entire menu of oversized Greek classics for pickup and delivery, they’re also giving all to-go orders HALF OFF beer and wine. Order big Greek family meals either cooked or uncooked, if you want your family to think you whipped it all up yourself.
How to order: Order by calling 786.773.1535 (Downtown) or 786.254.7079 (Coconut Grove)

Ghee Indian Kitchen
Ghee Indian Kitchen

Downtown Dadeland
You’re just flat out not getting anything fresher in a restaurant meal than the vegetables from Rancho Patel that find their way onto Ghee’s ever-changing menu. So while you can still order all your favorite Indian staples like chicken tikka masala and saag paneer, check back weekly because the vegetable specials are often the best thing on the menu.
How to order:Order online from 4-7pm daily

Fooq's Miami
Fooq's Miami

Iranian: Fooq’s

Though David Foulquier doesn’t really advertise his downtown hit as “Iranian food,” the cuisine of the place we used to call Persia is prevalent on his menu. Order up some vegan Khoresht or authentic lavash and homemade baba ganoush. Or grab pastas, sauces, and breads from Fooq’s Bazaar and try your hand at (kind of) making it yourself.
How to order:Order online by calling 786.536.2749

You know times have changed when a restaurant that used to be the exclusive domain of members and their guests now brings food to literally anyone with a Grubhub account. Ok, so there might be some difference between the original Casa Tua and Casa Tua Cucina, but it ain’t much. And you won’t have to make friends with rich people to try it.
How to order:Order online

Makoto | Laurie Satran

Japanese: Makoto

Bal Harbour
Makoto can make a pretty solid case as having the best sushi in Miami. But since there’s literally no good way to get to Bal Harbour, you may have avoided it to this point. Well, now there’s literally no bad way to get to Bal Harbour, and Makoto is offering a limited takeout menu that still has plenty of that award-winning sushi, plus wagyu short rib, miso sea bass, robata grilled meats and Japanese classics.
How to order: Order pickup by calling 305.864.8600

Mexican: Bakan

While we have no shortage of fantastic taco joints with hidden speakeasies/omakase sushi counters in Miami, those don’t really translate well when you’re staying at home. What does translate well are the blue corn tortillas and regional specialties like asado de la lena and guacamole at Bakan, which is one of the best full service Mexican restaurants in Miami.
How to order: Order pickup by calling 305.396.7080

Pisco y Nazca
Pisco y Nazca

Peruvian: Pisco y Nazca

Remember, like, two years ago when it felt like Miami had more Peruvian restaurants than Peru? We miss those times, especially since some of them have shut down completely. But Pisco y Nazca has survived, and you can still order all the ceviches and international beers, and score 35% off your order when you call directly for pickup.
How to order:Order online or by calling 786.535.9154 (Doral) or 305.630.3844 (Kendall)


Coral Gables/Doral
Making a giant plate of paella and eating it for all of quarantine sounds like a fantastic money saving idea, until you realize that dish doesn’t exactly keep. Better to just let the experts at Bulla bring you a fresh plate whenever the urge strikes, and throw in some josper-cooked meats if you’re perfecting your COVID bod.
How to order: Order online or by calling 786.810.6215 (Gables) or 305.260.6543 (Doral)

North Miami
There’s an old cliché that says something like, “anything worth having isn’t gotten easily.” That’s clearly the philosophy at Ricky Thai, where delivery just isn’t happening, so you’ll have to make the trek to North Miami to get it. Ask anyone who’s been: The food is worth the drive, where you’ll find Thai classics made to order, and hands-down the best curries in South Florida.
How to order: Order by calling 305.891.9292

Joy's Roti Delight
Joy's Roti Delight

Do you like curry? Do you like burritos? Do you enjoy televised cricket matches? Then you truly will be delighted by Joy’s where they wrap spicy, savory curries in soft roti shells, while cricket matches play on the television. Of course, there are not cricket matches to televise right now, but that just means you’ll have something to look forward to when you come back.
How to order: Order by calling 954.587.7684

Venezuelan: Boca’s House

Though its insta-famous milkshakes probably won’t look so hot after 30 minutes in a delivery car, Boca’s epic menu of Latin American favorites still will. Order up menu items including pabellon, ribeye from the parilla, and white cheese tequenos. You’ll also find saltados, ceviches, and plenty of steaks. And, yes, the milkshakes, if you’re not doing it for the gram.
How to order: Order by calling 786.401.7071

Phuc Yea
Phuc Yea

Vietnamese: Phuc Yea!

A place boasting fried chicken Fridays and Sancocho Pho isn’t necessarily Hanoi on a plate. But this Vietnames/Cajun/whatever-Cesar-Zapata-feels-like-doing spot still has stuff like lemongrass chicken curry, fresh egg noodles, and a full menu of more traditional pho. But, seriously, you’ve gotta try the fried chicken.
How to order: Order online by calling 305.602.3710

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Curt Hollingsworth is a contributor for Thrillist.