These Miami Restaurants Are Now Offering Meal Kits and Grocery Items

DeliverLean was born for this moment. The Broward County-based, pre-made meal program that had been bringing healthy, heat-and serve meals to people throughout South Florida suddenly found that its business model was... cool. With sit down restaurants shuttered, and delivery not quite replicating the dining out experience, heat-and-serve meals and meal kits have become almost as fashionable as face masks.
“Right now people have time, and they don’t know what to do with themselves, so meal kits have become an en vogue thing to happen,” says DeliverLean CEO Scott Harris. His company has not only seen a dramatic increase in orders for private clients, it's also been tasked with feeding seniors, first responders, health care workers, and children in disadvantaged areas. And, really, what’s cooler than that?
Following that lead -- and out of necessary creativity -- many restaurants around South Florida have begun offering ingredients to their most popular dishes to-go, so people can cook them up at home. If you have a hankering for cooking, but don’t want to fight the angry mobs at Publix, here are our picks for the best restaurant meal kits in Miami.

South Beach
Though sadly you’ll have to find your own oversized bottles of champagne, sparklers, and scantily clad young ladies to bring it all out to you, you can still re-create some of the STK experience at home. The international collection of chic steakhouses is offering up dinner for two or four people, with six-ounce filets individually seasoned, wrapped, and served with STK bold sauce. All you need to do is throw them on the grill or broiler, then heat up the sides of mac and cheese and asparagus and you’re free to enjoy STK while bidding adieu to Schitt’s Creek. And, yes, they also have bottle service.


North Beach and South Beach
Go ahead and try to make fluffy blue corn tortillas at home, we dare you. The singular tortillas in Miami can now be enjoyed at home for a scant $10, scoring you a pack of 20. If you want Taquiza to make the meat, too, you can buy any of their fillings by the pound, including chapulines. Or order an all-inclusive taco party plate, that comes with a full two pounds of any meat, tortillas, quinoa salad, elote, garnishes, hot sauce, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Ft. Lauderdale
While a do-at-home sushi kit just sounds like a recipe for quarantine cooking gone wrong, Casa Sensei is offering some more-sensible menu options to create in your kitchen. They’ll give you all the stuff you need to make Pad Thai, Sensei fried rice, Mongolian beef, and sesame chicken, each one serving two people.

Making a chocolate chip cookie at home that doesn’t look like a cookie-colored golf ball with a burnt bottom is hard enough. Trying to do it vegan and gluten-free is just going to be an exercise in delicious frustration. Instead, let Bunnie Cakes do all the measuring for you, so all you have to do is mix all the ingredients together, bake them, and take selfies with the adorable aprons they include in every kit. And once you’ve mastered the art of the heavily assisted cookie, Bunnie Cakes has cupcake kits, too.

South Beach
It doesn’t matter how good you are at boiling water and throwing in a 93-cent box of Publix noodles, you, friend, are no Michael Pirolo. So if you’ve been jonesing for some Macchialina pasta, but don’t feel like eating it delivery-bag lukewarm, get a Mach at My House kit. You won’t have to stand over a pot, stirring sauces for hours, either. Each kit comes with one of Macchialina’s special sauces, plus fresh-made noodles with instructions -- just in case you aren’t so good at boiling water.

Ironside Pizza
Ironside Pizza

Little River
Looking for an activity to do with your kids for the mandatory Home Ec section of homeschooling? Making pizza sounds like a fun option, until you realize everything involved in making pizza crust. Let Ironside help you cheat the system by providing an easy-peasy pizza kit with dough, sauce, mozzarella, basil, and flour. You won’t get the wood-burning oven flavor, but you will get the satisfaction of knowing you sorta-kinda made the whole thing yourself.

You ever watch those guys at Luke’s Lobster putting together your lobster roll and think to yourself, “This can’t be that hard! Why is this $18?” Well, tough guy, time to show your stuff since Luke’s will now sell you a full kit to make lobster rolls yourself, including a half-pound of cooked lobster knuckle, claw, and leg meat with a packet of secret seasoning blend, two raw lobster tails with a packet of lemon-garlic marinade, eight ounces of creamy lobster mac and cheese, and 12 ounces of lobster bisque. You mess this up, and you’ve got no one to blame but yourself.

Multiple locations
Give the folks behind Tap 42 credit for knowing how to evolve. In a few short years they’ve gone from beer bar to brunch hotspot to happy hour hangout to butcher shop. In its latest incarnation, Tap 42 is selling raw New York strips, eight-ounce filet mignons, Bell & Evans chicken breasts, and even wings if you’ve been firing up the deep fryer. Though you won’t see all the coworkers you’d been hoping to avoid, or all of Broward County day-drinking on a Sunday, that actually might be a good thing.

Rather than trying to sell a take-home version of his sit-down hits, Brad Kilgore has morphed Alter and Ember into a new, take-and-cook concept called AlterQ. Here you can grab yourself a cook at home steak dinner, an Italian sausage and semolina pasta dinner, or any number of other Kilgore-approved creations to heat up and serve at home. You’ll also find sandwiches, a butcher shop, some household items, and even drinks to go -- if you promise not to crack them open until you’re done driving.

Trying to re-create Fooq’s hummus but just can’t figure out that one special ingredient? Stop stressing yourself out and hit the virtual streets of Fooq’s Bazaar, where you’ll find pints of hummus and baba ghanoush along with kebabs and veggies to grill at home, crispy lavash to dip in your spreads, and dry pastas with a selection of Fooq’s sauces. You can even re-create the Brussels sprouts that made you rethink Brussels sprouts, as Fooq’s has two-quart containers ready to fry at home along with green garlic yogurt and a pint of veggies.

Coconut Grove
Not that Coconut Grove’s favorite Cuban diner would dare imply it could package anything that would come close to your abuela’s food. That’s why the meal kits they’re offering aren’t so much Cuban classics, but stuff like venison and tomato ragout spaghetti, spinach and prosciutto pizza, and pancakes with guava and cream cheese sauce. They’ll also have pasta kits from Nave on hand, and you can find demos on how to make it all on Chug’s Instagram @chugsdiner.

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Curt Hollingsworth is a Miami native who normally spends his time enjoying the city, the sand, the Keys, and any bar that claims they have the best margarita in town.