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Where to Find Miami's Best Pizza

Updated On 10/09/2018 at 05:08PM EST Updated On 10/09/2018 at 05:08PM EST


Miami River

The perfect place for a cheap date or group dinner
Like a cocaine smuggler's boat in the the 1980s, the wave of development is slowly making its way down the Miami River, and the folks behind Crust are in way ahead of it. The husband and wife team who opened one of Miami’s best new restaurants of 2015 are not only making homemade Italian-style pies, like ones with sirloin tips, mushrooms, and caramelized onions... but they're doing it for actually-reasonable prices, AND delivering to Downtown and Brickell, where these kind of pies would normally cost 30% more. 

Steve's Pizza

North Miami

The locals’ legend that’s still as good as anywhere
Wood-burning pizza ovens are great. Brick-oven pizza? Fantastic. But you need exactly none of that to still be named the best pizzeria in Florida. What you do need, however, is a classic New York-style crust and fresh ingredients, plus reliable, friendly service for decades. Steve's is such a Miami institution that it is THE spot Dade lifers talk about when the subject of best pizza comes up. That, and eating challenges.

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Blocks Pizza Deli

South Beach

The Beach’s best slices, fresh baked to order
Never heard of it? That's a damn shame, and that also means you didn't read our groundbreaking ranking of all 16 slice spots in South Beach. Block's was rated No. 1, mostly because they use all-organic ingredients atop fresh-made whole wheat sourdough crust, with a rich marinara, fresh basil, and grated mozzarella, and leave it unbaked until you order, which means it's the rare SoBe slice that hasn't been sitting out since lunch... and actually tastes like fresh pizza.

Primo Pizza


The best slices South of Fifth
Even though it's got a monopoly on the SoFi slice market -- and could probably have lines out the door by cooking up a bunch of Totino's -- the crew behind this staple takes pride in their product, and serves not only the best slice south of Fifth, but quite possibly the best slice in the city. And while its Midtown outpost didn't fare nearly as well, it wasn't because the pizza was lacking.

Courtesy of Menin Hospitality

Pizza Bar

South Beach

Slices the size of your head, with equally gigantic flavor
In the "pizza slice the size of your head" wars, Miami's battle has long been won by Casola's. And while it's definitely a place to put on your Miami food bucket list, the best mega-slice in the city is actually at Pizza Bar, where the greasy, gooey, garlicky goodness of this giant slice tastes just as delicious for lunch on a Monday as it does for a very late 5am dinner on a Saturday.


Miami Beach

Romantic date spot with 22-inches of basil-covered perfection
Unlike every guy you see at the front of a club line, Lucali actually IS a big deal in New York, and Miamians actually care. Mark Iacono's Brooklyn pizza palace landed in Sunset Harbour a few years ago and has topped many a local's best pizza lists, with its massive 22in pies, fresh-made mozzarella, and an entire basil plant on every pie. Yeah, the pizza costs a little more than one might expect, but for a restaurant meal in Miami, it's still one hell of a deal.

Stanzione 87

Stanzione 87


The most authentic Neapolitan pizza in the city
Here's a fun way to deal with Brickell traffic: when your car is inexplicably stopped so Brickell City Centre can lift up an outhouse, get out of your car and run into this place, order an all-imported Neapolitan pie, watch it get cooked in 57 seconds, and the enjoy all its hot crusted, gooey-mozzarella incredibleness before that dude with the stop sign gets out of the way. 

Giotto Maestro della Pizza

Miami Beach

As close to Italy as you’re getting on West Avenue
If your Italian’s a little rusty, this place's name means “Master of the Pizza.” Ask any Italian, and he’ll tell you this guy’s the real deal. In addition to specialty Neapolitan pies, he's serving up this star-shaped pie with triangular pockets of ricotta, mozz, pepperoni & tomato sauce.

Bianca with Ham and Smoked Provolone | 800 Degrees

800 Degrees Woodfired Kitchen


D-Wade and UD slinging caviar pizza
The key in business is knowing your audience. And this LA transplant clearly consulted with local investors Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem when crafting the menu, offering up a wood-fired, Iberico ham and caviar pizza that’s the definition of South Florida excess. They also obviously consulted with locals in Aventura, as the menu also offers a salmon pastrami pizza with a garlic-and-caraway crust, essentially a bagel and lox on a pizza.



Brooklyn-style pizzas for one
There might be no "I" in team, but there are two in "Miami," which sums up the denizens of our city pretty damn well. And the guys behind Apizza get it. Not only do they serve up crispy pizzas out of wood burning ovens, they do them all in individual sizes. Which means no sharing, no compromising, and no having to consider anybody else, ever. If that doesn't scream Miami, nothing does.

La Locanda South Beach Miami

La Locanda

South Beach

The hole in the wall with cheap wine where Italians send you for pizza
Though often hidden in the shadows of its better-known next-door neighbor Fratelli La Bufala, La Locanda is baking up the same brand of thin-crust, straight-from-Italy pies but with stuff you haven’t seen on pizza anywhere else, like hot dogs and sunny-side-up eggs.


Little Haiti

An old tire store now plating the best creative pizzas in Miami
This Biscayne corridor pioneer has a huge range of specialty combos, from pesto chicken to Tuscan tuna, to the seven-veggie Ratatouille. Plus, you can sit outside and see where Eugene Robinson got arrested right before Super Bowl XXXVIII!

Lucia Pizzeria

Lucia Pizzeria


Great pizza and reasonably priced wine make for a perfect Kendall date night
The folks behind Graziano’s weren’t content to just sling Argentine steaks and Italian food for the rest of their lives. And who would be? So they took this spot in an unassuming strip mall on Sunset Drive and turned it into a charming Italian restaurant. Here you’ll sit down and order pizza made with fresh-from-Italy ingredients before scanning the walls around you for the perfect bottle of Italian wine, most of which is priced at about half what it is in normal restaurants.

Ironside Pizza

Little River

A BYOB gem tucked away in an unexpected location
If you haven’t been up to New River --  the little artsy enclave of between Little Haiti an MiMo -- Ironside Pizza is your perfect excuse. Here you can relax outside (with your own wine) and enjoy wood-fired Neapolitan pizza topped with fresh, imported meats and Italian cheese. Your go-to to enjoy in the courtyard is the regina with cherry tomato, arugula, parmigiano, prosciutto crudo, and mozzarella.

La Centrale - Italian Food Hall

La Centrale Food Hall


Food court pizza that blows the roof off of classic NY joint Sbarro’s
Miami may now have more food halls than insured drivers after a new one seemed to pop up every six hours this year. And perhaps the best thing to hit any of them is the pizza at La Centrale, a meal-sized, wood-fired Italian creation that’s enough to eat for a quick lunch and not immediately fall into a food coma. Though if you do feel like sleeping through the last four hours of the workday, it's best enjoyed at La Centrale’s central bar with a nice glass of wine.

The Brick


Miami’s best pizza that’s not at a pizza place
A lot of restaurants with eclectic menus will throw pizza in as an afterthought. But not The Brick. Though this self-style American Bistro isn’t a pizza place per se, their pies can hold their own with anyone making New York-style pies. The dough is made fresh daily in-house, and when topped with locally-sourced meats and veggies they make for the most pleasantly surprising pizzas in the city. Authentic it’s not, so order the grilled chicken, made with buffalo sauce, mozzarella, and ranch. It might sound a little weird, but it’s absolutely worth a try.

La Piazzetta

Buena Vista

A Neapolitan tavern with smoky pizza and insane dessert
This place feels more like a rustic tavern in Napoli than a big, giant-windowed pizzeria in the heart of Buena Vista. The walls are done up to look like old-world wood, with little wooden chairs and tables and Italian sports on TV. The pizza is straight-up Neapolitan, where red cedar wood burns in the oven, giving every pie a vaguely smoky flavor. But make sure to save room for dessert: The strawberry tiramisu is so good you’ll eat it even when your stomach says no more.