The Best Pizza in 16 Miami 'Hoods


We've already told you about the best pizzas in Miami, and Miami's best new pizzas, and about cool new places to get pizza, but what did we actually learn from all that? Well, that Miami's got some pretty sweet 'za options, obviously, but it's still a pain to pick the best pie near you. If only someone picked the best pizza in every Miami 'hood. Oh, wait...

Apizza Brooklyn resto + vino


Apizza Brooklyn (address and info)
What you're getting: The Neapolitan-style Grandma’s Favorite OR the New York-style Kitchen Sink
If your ass is indecisive, you’re in luck because they have both Neapolitan-style pizza AND New York-style pizza on the menu. Try the former w/ Portobello mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, Gorgonzola, Parmesan, and no sauce (?!), and the latter w/... well, everything on it.


Pizzeria Oceano (address and info)
What you're getting: The Mustard Greens
Lantana is far enough away from Miami to be considered a mini vacation, but it doesn’t stop die-hard fanatics from trekking to Oceano for badass pies with fresh ingredients, which change almost daily, so score this pie w/ aged provolone, mozzarella, garlic, pecorino, and gaeta olives while you can.

Mandy Baca/Thrillist

South Miami

The Big Cheese (address and info)
What you're getting: The Big Cheese Delight
This busy US-1 spot offers wacky options like albacore tuna, clams, and mussels, and a pie called The Miami Slice w/ sweet baked ham, creamy ricotta cheese & pineapple topped with cinnamon; but its titular 'za gets the nod 'cause it comes w/ mozzarella, ricotta, Parmesan, provolone, and extra cheese.

Two Brothers


Two Brothers Pizza (address and info)
What you're getting: Romana w/ anchovies, olives & buffalo mozzarella
There isn’t much going on in Kendall, we know; but there is this classic spot run by real Italians that has standard pizza toppings and sticks to the Big Night school of décor. For those who live out there, this is your saving grace. Now, if they only had delivery…

Mandy Baca/Thrillist


Frankie’s Pizza (address and info)
What you're getting: Tomato & Cheese
Around since 1955, this mom-and-pop favorite is celebrating its 60th anniversary this February. This tiny restaurant has no tables and is strictly take-out, but they make-up for it by always including an extra slice of their cheese-heavy square-cut pizza on top of your box so you can start eating immediately.

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza


Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza (address and info)
What you're getting: Italian sausage & sweet peppers
In the world of Doral’s chain restaurants, this one’s top dog. We’re all about the smoky thin crust from the wood-fired brick oven pizza that sometimes leaves a layer of leftover charcoal dust on the crust. The Italian sausage with sweet peppers is a must here, very old-school Italian-American.

Stanzione 87


Stanzione 87 (address and info)
What you're getting: The Tartufo
Brick oven pizza in 50 seconds or less? Yes, please. Especially when their topping it with luxurious ingredients like cream, black truffle, porcini mushroom, fresh mozzarella & white truffle oil.

La Locanda South Beach Miami


La Locanda (address and info)
What you're getting: The Bismark
This local favorite holds its own against big hitters like Tongue & Cheek, Siena Tavern, and Red, The Steakhouse, mostly thanks to 'za that you can get with creative toppings like hot dogs, but which we prefer w/ tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham & a sunny-side-up egg.

Javier Ramirez

South Beach

Lucali (address and info)
What you're getting: Margherita
The menu is limited, but this Brooklyn transplant is so good that we don’t mind spending $30 per pie, even if we can only get mushrooms, red peppers, onions, shallots, hot peppers, pepperoni, garlic, or basil on 'em.

Justin Namon/Proof Pizza & Pasta


Proof Pizza & Pasta (address and info)
What you're getting: Fennel sausage w/ tomatoes, broccoli rabe & mozzarella
This newcomer became an instant success, despite a small pizza list, by offering next-level ingredients; pie options include the aforementioned fennel joint, and a bone marrow number w/ parsley gremolata, roasted garlic & capers. Plus you can wash 'em all down with brews from Funky Buddha and Cigar City.

Harry’s Pizzeria

Design District

Harry’s Pizzeria (address and info)
What you're getting: Rock Shrimp w/ lemon, Manchego & scallion
From the geniuses behind Michael’s Genuine, this 'za spot does everything from a warm Brussels sprout & stracciatella salad, to a famously delicious chocolate cookie for dessert, but the pizza’s what you’re here for, and the Rock Shrimp is this spot's claim to fame (though FYI, the Short Rib is a close second).

Ironside Pizza

Little River

Ironside Pizza (address and info)
What you're getting: The Diavola (tomato, fresh mozzarella, salami, and pepperoncini oil)
This low-key neighborhood is about to blow up, and the boys behind Toscana Divino are ahead of the game thanks to this artsy slice spot. In true Neapolitan-style, the thin pizza is chewy in all the right places and best topped w/ tomato, fior di latte, salami & pepperoncini oil. Go before everyone else finds out about it.

FLICKR/La Piazza Pizzeria

North Miami

Steve’s Pizza (address and info)
What you're getting: Plain slice
Hi Steve. Your cheap-as-hell, thin crust, greasy slices and pies are awesome. We also love the no-frills attitude and paper plates. Never change.

Kings County Pizza


Kings County Pizza (address and info)
What you're getting: Pepperoni
Not only is this pizza the ultimate greasy New York-style standby, but it’s also close to King of Diamonds, which means you won't be going home completely unsatisfied after a night at one of Miami's best strip clubs. As long as you haven't spent ALL your money, obviously.


Oakland Park

D’Angelo Pizza, Wine Bar and Tapas (address and info)
What you're getting: The Cremona
Wood-fired, thin-crust pizza (our favorite's topped w/ pear, pancetta, Gorgonzola, figs & mozzarella) and some badass wines make this the perfect date spot: The former makes you enjoy the fact you don't have abs like the R&B singer this spots named after, and a few too many of that latter will make her think you do.

Fort Lauderdale

Primanti Bros. (address and info)
What you're getting: Cheese pizza by the slice
They are best known for their ridiculous sandwiches stuffed with French fries and slaw, but their pizzas are good too, and they're so big they are worthy of fork and knife. Take a cue from the sandwich and add some fries to your pizza.

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