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The Best Pizza in 16 Miami 'Hoods

Published On 01/27/2015 Published On 01/27/2015
Apizza Brooklyn resto + vino
Mandy Baca/Thrillist
Two Brothers
Mandy Baca/Thrillist
Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza
Stanzione 87
La Locanda South Beach Miami
Javier Ramirez
Justin Namon/Proof Pizza & Pasta
Harry’s Pizzeria
Ironside Pizza
FLICKR/La Piazza Pizzeria
Kings County Pizza
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1. Apizza Brooklyn Resto + Vino 9515 S Dixie Hwy, Pinecrest, FL 33156

This Pinecrest pizza-centric Italian offers the best of both worlds, by which we mean it serves both Neapolitan and New York style pies. Apizza's owner was born in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, and he's doing a damn good job of bringing that homestyle New York Italian vibe to Miami. The menu is filled with comforting dishes like spaghetti and meatballs, carbonara, and baked ziti, plus entrees like chicken parm. You probably won't be able to decide between pizza and pasta, so you might as well get both.

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2. Pizzeria Oceano 201 E Ocean Ave, Lantana, FL 33462

Lantana is far enough away from Miami to be considered a mini vacation, but it doesn’t stop die-hard fanatics from trekking to Oceano for badass pies with fresh ingredients, which change almost daily.

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3. The Big Cheese 8080 SW 67th Ave, Miami, FL 33143

This busy US-1 spot offers wacky options like albacore tuna, clams, and mussels, and a pie called The Miami Slice w/ sweet baked ham, creamy ricotta cheese, and pineapple topped with cinnamon.

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4. Two Brothers Pizza 13740 SW 84th St, Miami, FL 33183

There isn’t much going on in Kendall, we know. But there is this classic spot run by real Italians that has standard pizza toppings and sticks to the Big Night school of décor. For those who live out there, this is your saving grace. Now, if they only had delivery…

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5. Frankie's Pizza 9118 Bird Rd, Miami, FL 33156

This tiny restaurant has no tables and is strictly take-out, but they make-up for it by always including an extra slice of their cheese-heavy square-cut pizza on top of your box so you can start eating immediately.

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6. Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza 2801 NW 87th Ave, Doral, FL 33172

In the world of Doral’s chain restaurants, this one’s top dog. We’re all about the smoky thin crust from the wood-fired brick oven pizza that sometimes leaves a layer of leftover charcoal dust on the crust. The Italian sausage with sweet peppers is a must here, very old-school Italian-American.

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7. Stanzione 87 87 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33130

Brickell's Stanzione 87 serves up authentic Neapolitan pies that take less than a minute to cook in the wood-burning oven. The mozzarella is made in-house and the rest of the essential ingredients are imported from Italy, so the pizza is as close to source as you can get in Miami. The space is pretty small -- with only about 40 or so seats at small marble tables -- but a glass-walled open kitchen offers quite the pizza-making entertainment. It's a pretty solid take-out option, too.

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8. La Locanda 413 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Every city has a hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant run by actual Italians that serves amazing food at half the price and twice the flavor than its competitors. In South Beach, that restaurant is La Locanda. Not only does the extensive menu make you feel like you're in Italy, but the thin-crust pizzas are beyond comapre. They're topped with ingredients you never knew tasted so good on pizza, like hot dogs and fried eggs.

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9. Lucali 1930 Bay Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Coming to South Beach straight from Brooklyn, Lucali is a local hotspot for those craving brick-oven pizza and calzones. Mark Iacono's pizza palace makes massive 22in pies with fresh-made mozzarella and an entire basil plant on every pizza. It can cost a little more than one might expect, but for a restaurant meal in Miami, it's still one hell of a deal.

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10. Proof Pizza & Pasta 3328 North Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127

If you’re not so into culinary ateliers and more into, well, pizza, you’ll love this Neapolitan pizza and pasta joint. Justin Flit of DBGB and Bourbon Steak is slinging pies like the Oxtail Mozzarella with black garlic, thyme, and caramelized onions.

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11. Harry's Pizzeria 3918 North Miami Ave, Miami, FL

If you're looking for a standard plain slice, Harry's is not your place. But if you're looking for Michael Schwartz to transform ordinary pizza into unique new creations, go here where they're dishing pies like the Oyster Mushroom, Slow-Roasted Pork, and MGFD Bacon -- all of which will not disappoint.

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12. Ironside Pizza 7580 NE 4th Ct, Miami, FL 33138

This casual pizza joint graces the “should we really be parking here” hipster ‘hood west of MiMo. They're dishing out wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas, like the Diavola, with mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, and spicy salami.

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13. Steve's Pizza 12101 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33181

Steve's has been slinging arguably some of the best New York-style pizza in the 305 since the '70s. The no-frills North Miami parlor has a crazy long menu of pizza (available by the slice or by the pie) and casual Italian basics like hot and cold subs, pasta dinners, and wing appetizers. The best thing about the pizza, aside from its thin crust, fresh ingredients, and perfect amount of cheese, is that it's cheap and served on paper plates, just like in the Big Apple.

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14. Kings County Pizza 18228 W Dixie Hwy, North Miami Beach, FL 33160

Not only is this pizza the ultimate greasy New York-style standby, but it’s also close to King of Diamonds, which means you won't be going home completely unsatisfied after a night at one of Miami's best strip clubs. As long as you haven't spent ALL your money, obviously.

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15. D'Angelo Pizza/Tapas 4215 N. Federal Hwy, Oakland Park, FL 33308

The chiller little bro of the famed Casa D'Angelo spots in Boca and Ft. Laudy, D'Angelo serves traditional Italian light fare (much of it cooked in a wood-burning oven) and tapas in a clean, narrow space with a wine bar and TVs showing vids about Italian

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16. Primanti Bros 901 N Atlantic Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

It started with a Pittsburgh sandwich cart in the 1930's, but today the Primanti Bros barstaurant's got 20 locations and's "Home to the Almost Famous Sandwich".