You can’t walk down the street in Miami without tripping over a realtor, an aspiring DJ, or a sushi joint. We’ve got sushi in Cuban restaurants, steakhouses, Publix, even gas stations... we've got so much sushi it's almost impossible to know which is best. Unless you ask someone like Omar Castillo, head sushi chef at Barezzito in South Beach, to help pick Miami’s eight best sushi restaurants (aside from Barezzito, of course). So we did. Here's what Omar had to say...


8. Kamiko Sushi Bar

Why it’s great: "This place is actually by the same people who created Sake Room, and it’s really hard to find anything like that in Doral. But because it’s in Doral, the prices and service are way better, and they’ve got the same huge sake collection."
What you’re getting: Crunchy Crab Delight -- kanikama, tempura flakes, tobiko, scallions, spicy mayo, and eel sauce.


7. 17 Restaurant and Sushi Bar

South Beach
Why it’s great: "There aren’t too many fully kosher sushi places on the beach, or anywhere really. I know that sounds weird, but they do it the best. Like, you don’t even know it’s kosher."
What you’re getting: Abracadabra roll -- crab salad (imitation -- remember it’s kosher), complete tempura, sonali, and eel sauce.


6. Sokai Sushi Bar

Why it’s great: "When you talk about Peruvian fusion and Japanese style, this is the place you’re talking about. Everything there is good, and their menu is massive, like a Bible. And they’ve got great prices, it’s probably the best value. Plus, I helped them fix a few things on their menu, as well as put on some new dishes like the tuna taquito and fish wraps."
What you’re getting: Peruvian Ceviche Amarillo -- spicy ceviche with whitefish, red onions, cilantro, cherry tomatoes, and yucca chips.


5. Sake Room

Why it’s great: "They were one of the first to do fusion. You see lots of places doing it now, but they were mixing it up way before. And they’ve got like over 100 sakes."
What you’re getting: Trio deluxe -- cucumber, avocado, and crab salad wrapped inside tuna, salmon, and whitefish. Basically, fish-wrapped fish.


4. Kazumi Modern Japanese

Key Biscayne
Why it’s great: "They’ve got the most complete menu. Sometimes you go into a place and they say 'we don’t have toro or hamachi or whatever' that day, but this place ALWAYS has it so whatever you want, you can go there and they’ve got it."
What you’re getting: The Sex on the Beach roll -- shrimp tempura, fried chanquetes, crab salad, red tobiko, yuzu, spicy mayo, and eel sauce.

Sushi Chef Japanese Restaurant

3. Sushi Chef Japanese Restaurant

Coral Way
Why it’s great: "One of the most traditional sushi places you’ll find. They really stick to the Japanese style and Japanese ingredients. Like, you’re not gonna find spicy mayo or any tempura on the sushi menu. This is as close to eating sushi in Japan as you’ll find in Miami."
What you’re getting: Tataki -- seared tuna, salmon or izumidai served with ponzu sauce, scallions, sesame seeds, and chili pepper spice mix.


2. Zuma

Why it’s great: "Zuma is great because of the traditional way they make sushi, and the flavors they use in the sauces. The way they make the ponzu is different, and it’s a secret from the kitchen so they’re not gonna tell you what they do... but I think they put truffle oil in it."
What you’re getting: Pirikara Hamachi Maki -- spicy yellowtail roll with serrano pepper and wasabi mayo.


1. Nobu

South Beach
Why it’s great: "Nobu is #1 for me because of their selection. They get the first choice of all the fresh fish in Miami. Like when they bring the catches in and go to deliver, Nobu gets first pick, then everybody else. They’re getting the first quality of everything, so you know whatever you’re getting there is completely fresh."
What you’re getting:  The Toro. They get the first pick, so this is the best of the best.

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1. Kamiko Sushi-Bar 2662 NW 79th Ave, Doral, FL 33122

Kamiko fuses Japanese cuisine with a Latin touch and some tropical influences too, making for some seriously good sushi.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
2. 17 Restaurant and Sushi Bar 1205 17th St, Miami Beach, FL (Miami Beach)

17 is a sushi resto that also serves Italian... because when you're done stuffing yourself on sushi, the only logical thing to do is to order some spaghetti.

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3. Sokai Sushi Bar 10726 NW 74th St, Doral, FL 33178

This isn't your average sushi. This is Japanese/Peruvian fusion sushi. We don't quite know what that means, but it's gotta be good.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
4. Sake Room 1800 Biscayne Plaza, Miami, FL

Not only does this have the larges sake collection in SoFal and saucy decor, it's got sushi that has a Caribbean flavor thanks to Chef Mario Cicilia. Don't miss the huge selection of tartars either.

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5. kazumi 260 Crandon Blvd, Key Biscayne, FL 33149

Everything's modern here, from the decor to the sushi, and everything else on the menu.

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6. Sushi Chef Japanese Restaurant 3100 Coral Way, Miami-Dade, FL 33145

What started as a small Japanese market in Miami has grown into one of SoFal's best kept sushi secrets. Try something from the original menu, like the Tataki or Dynamite Au Gratin.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
7. Zuma 270 Biscayne Blvd Way, Miami, FL 33131 (Downtown)

Izakaya-inspired restaurant Zuma in Downtown Miami combines a bright, modern setting with exquisite presentation of its ocean-fresh sushi dishes, like the Dynamite Spider Roll with soft-shell crab, chili, and wasabi tobiko sauce. From the robata grill, opt for tender beef and shishito pepper skewers with smoked chili soy, or baby artichoke with truffle wafu dressing. If it’s something crispy you’re craving, crunch on rock shrimp tempura with lime and chili mayonnaise, lobster tempura with spicy ponzu, or grouper tempura with chili onions. Brunch offerings include a selection of premium sushi, sashimi, and maki rolls.

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8. Nobu 4525 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140

From master Chef Nobu Matsuhisa and Robert De Niro, the Miami branch of world renowned restaurant Nobu brings A-List dining to Miami Beach. From its post in the Eden Roc Hotel, the restaurant serves Matushisa’s signature Japanese fusion dishes like black cod miso, rock shrimp tempura, and yellowtail sashimi with jalapeño. It’s the place to see and be seen on the beach, and even with a 350-seat dining room, a table is hard to come by -- plan accordingly.



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