Where to get the 5 best new tacos in Miami


One of the most annoying things you have to explain to out-of-towners is that, no, tacos are actually NOT Cuban food. That makes finding a good taco in South Florida kinda tough. Luckily, we've done the work for you and rounded up the five best new tacos in Miami, all of which you should definitely try right now...

Conchitas al achiote tacos at Japapeno Mexican Kitchen Miami

South Beach
What you're getting: Cochinitas al Achiote w/ achiote seasoned chorizo, pulled pork, and smoked bacon
Sitting outside on Ocean Drive is usually just for tourists, but thanks to this laid-back Mexican joint slinging Mexican street tacos under cool, waterproof tents with flat-screens and jalapeño-infused margaritas, now you can do it too.

Taco de Costilla at Wapo Taco

Hallandale Beach
What you're getting: Taco de Costilla w/ sliced rib eye & manchego
Authentic Mexican street tacos are great, but they're actually hard to get since it's not like food trucks, or even most restaurants, use charcoal grills like they do South-of-the-border. But this straight-from-Mexico-City joint that just landed in Hallandale does, so look for beautifully charred meats (and tortillas), including the rib eye in this sucka.

Tacos de Trompo at El Agave Azul Davie

What you're getting: Tacos de Trompo
Broward’s best fast/casual Mexican joint might be angling for a spot at the concession stands at Sun Life next year since they just opened a brand-new second location next to Nova (and, conveniently, the Dolphins’ practice facility). They're serving stuff that tastes like it came right out of an East LA taco shop, including trompo, sort of a Mexican take on gyro meat made of mixed steak and pork.

Shrimp Tacos at Swine Miami

Coral Gables
What you're getting: Grilled Shrimp Taco w/ chimichurri, roasted tomatoes & charred corn
Yes, we understand it’s a barbecue joint. But remember that 1) these are the same people that started Lime, and 2) when was the last time you had anything at Swine that wasn’t immediately raved about on your Instagram? These new shrimp tacos, with house-made tortillas, grilled shrimp, chimichurri, roasted tomatoes & charred corn, are no exception.

Tacos at BC Taco

What you're getting: Steakhouse Taco w/ filet au poivre, creamed spinach, fried onions & black peppercorn sauce
Brett Chiavari -- the BC behind the B.C. Taco truck empire -- is sort of like the Bubba of South Florida tacos. Seriously, if you ask him what kind of stuff this place is serving he'll probably say, “chocolate tacos, bacon tacos, bahn mi tacos, chicken and waffle tacos, crème brûlée tacos, bacon & eggs tacos...” and eventually you just kind of stop listening and order this one, which tastes like dinner at Prime 112 on a tortilla.

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