New York's famed gourmet Italian spot docks on the Miami River

Front dining room at Cipriani Miami

If the Kentucky Derby didn't quite pan out how you'd hoped, or Powerball still somehow eludes you, or you're Wesley Snipes, your best bet for the luxury-yacht dining experience is Cipriani Downtown, New York's gourmet Italian power-dining powerhouse that's created a nautical setting amongst the yachts and architectural landmarks on the Miami River.The bar is all glossy walnut with chrome “portholes” that show an endless looped video of the ocean to ensure every single Facebook album ever shot there will be titled “I’m on a Boat!!!”The back half of the joint can also be partitioned off into a private dining room, where you can get up close and personal with the yachts on the river and the 2000yr-old Miami Circle.Miami's Cipriani is the first US location outside New York and LA, and the only Cipriani other than Abu Dhabi where you can get their Asian "Yotto" menu, featuring stuff like this sashimi beef with yuzu ponzu.That noted foodie Sam I Am might not eat green eggs and ham on a boat, but he'd definitely eat this baked green tagliolini and Praga ham ANYWHERE! But mainly right here.The Mr. C cocktail was inspired by Cipriani’s hotel in Beverly Hills and blends vodka, fresh squeezed mandarin, and lemon and lime juices, then tops it off with Prosecco.Even the desserts at Cipriani have a nautical theme, like this vanilla meringue cake that looks like a battleship but is way easier to stomach than the Tim Riggins movie.

Bar at Cipriani Miami
Miami Circle view at Cipriani Miami
Sashimi beef at Cipriani Miami
Baked green tagliolini with praga ham at at Cipriani Miami
Mr. C at Cipriani Miami
Vanilla meringue cake at Cipriani Miami