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Whopper deliveries and crazy beef are just some of 2012's most shocking happenings

And now, local food and beverage kingpins dish on what they thought were the biggest surprises of the year other than your birthday party that's happening tonight. Ah crap, sorry

John Lin, PR guru/Founder of "The fact that the best restaurants and bars are not on the beach anymore, but on Miami Proper, like I like to call it. It's rare that I even cross the bridge(s) now, possibly to go to Yardbird or the Standard Spa. It seems as though if you want to be trendy and have mediocre food, you open on the beach.

Janie Campbell, Miami Editor, The Huffington Post "Tosca. I'm not convinced there's a sustainable place for 'The Most Expensive Restaurant In Miami!!!' in the market right now, so I was set against [them launching] with a very fancy menu and prices that suggest each dish was dipped in diamonds. But the service is impeccable, the dining room is a dream, and the A5 grade Japanese Kobe beef changed my life!

Lee Schrager, Founder/Producer of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival "The overwhelming success of pop-ups like Broken Shaker & Eating House – and the fact that they both came back permanently!

Michael Pirolo, Chef/Co-owner, Macchialina Taverna Rustica "Broken Shaker announcing they were opening up again. That was a close one -- I thought I was going to have to go thirsty.

Jose Mendin, Chef/Partner, Pubbelly "Sra. Martinez closing really shocked me.

Giorgio Rapicavoli, Chef/Owner, Eating House "The amount of fermentation and use of insects in modern cuisine.

Jeff McInnis, Executive Chef, Yardbird Southern Table & Bar "Obama’s reelection. And I had a beautiful baby girl!

Alan Roth, Owner, Ricochet "I was surprised with how many parties during Art Basel there were this year. It became this over-saturated, ridiculous week. I'm unsure if this is a good thing or not, but it makes me nervous that the real art buyers might start to be turned off on what the week has turned into.

Michael Schwartz, Owner/Chef, Michael's Genuine Food & Drink "In what can be a very competitive business, it was great to see so much collaboration between local chefs. These kind of special meals and dinners hosted at their own restaurants are a new dining experience for guests and inspiration for our chefs.

Sef Gonzalez ("Burger Beast"), Founder, "Michael Symon won the SoBe Burger Bash for the 3rd time. Shake Shack hasn't sued BurgerFi. Burger King Delivery."