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Doré South Beach

Delivering "a feast for the senses" (including a very literal one for your sense of taste), Doré is a fancypants spot in the Ritz plating everything from Spanish tapas to local seafood and dry-rubbed steaks, in a massive space divided into a ballroom-ish dining room and a 30-person lounge that looks like the kind of place where Madonna is always grossed out watching Lips Manlis slurp oysters

They brought in a French-influenced chef to work up house-cured duck, hamachi tartare, and this giant plate of roasted bone marrow

There's also a lineup of steaks like this 12oz NY strip with a giant pat of Porto butter. Now pat yourself on the back for eating like a very wealthy caveman

Their very-hard-to-pronounce sweets are almost entirely French-style, and include this poached pear covered in a dark chocolate sauce, candied almonds, & vanilla bean, which you should sense will be totally delicious, and will turn you into a Big Boy (Caprice).

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