The Yardbird peeps bring authentic Thai to South Beach

Khong is the latest from The Yardbird head honcho, who lived three years in the legit parts of Thailand in which Jack from Lost never got a tattoo from Bai Ling, and used what he saw there to create a double-decker shrine that's lined with Southeast Asia crate wood & brick, and serves some seriously legit eats. The downstairs dining room is full of these bamboo lighting fixtures, which're actually Thai fish traps.And these chairs are made of fishing boats. The glass is made of glass.The menu's crazy-traditional (they don't even give you knives unless you ask!), and includes these Burmese fresh noodle wraps with red chili, roasted peanuts, and a palm sugar/lemon juice/cilantro concoction.This spicy, aged-pork / ginger salad comes with fried curried rice balls.Eddy would eat like 700 bowls of this Northeastern Style Jungle Curry: giant chunks of chicken soaked in rhizome broth, peppercorns, baby corn, shrooms, Thai eggplant, and lemon basil leaves.Seared ribeye that's been spice-rubbed. It's what you really, really want.There's even more seating in the back.Including secluded private dining rooms separated by more Thai crate wood. There must be, like, no crate wood left in Thailand.These stairs are lined with Thai motorcycle license plates.And lead to a hidden upstairs dining room that'll double as a late-night lounge.Reward yourself for finding it with an Orange Chang w/ a Hangar One Mandarin, Aperol, Benedictine & OJ.