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Fancypants sushi from Kim Kardashian's best friend

Kardashian BFF Jonathan Cheban brought Brooklyn's Sushi Mikasa to The Shelborne to ensure everyone's ass gets as big as Kim's, thanks to an array of Omakase-style eats prepared by an NYC import awesomely just named "Chef Kevin".The dining room is loaded with avant-garde street art from NY artists, and Cheban purposely staggered all the tables, because he hates the stagnant look of straight lines. Hates it!!The swimmers (bluefin tuna, king salmon, snapper, piper fish) are all imported from Japan, and reside in this bar, until they're turned into...… rolls they refer to as "couture sushi", because 1) this guy hangs out with Kim Kardashian, did you know? And 2) every single piece is different, like this trio: king salmon & a sauteed tomato; deep-fried seaweed w/ chopped blue fin & pine nuts; and Japanese red snapper with their housemade onion/ginger sauce and lotus root.This may resemble a poorly tapped beer in a champagne glass, but it's actually the Mikasa Su Casa: orange-infused vodka, kiwi, sparkling sake, papaya, and tons of honey foam, too many of which will have you keeping up with nobody.