Famed Brooklyn pizza lands in South Beach

Until Kris Humphries announces he’s signing with the Heat on a primetime ESPN special everyone hates, there may never be as much buzz about something from Brooklyn coming to South Beach as there has been surrounding Lucali. Now the revered Brooklyn pizza temple is finally here, with chef Mark Iacono working up wood-fired pies and calzones in an open kitchen with a brick oven

While twice the size, the Miami spot maintains a similarly simple-chic interior as the original, which used to be a candy store Chef Iacono OD'd on Fun Dip at as a kid

Instead of showing up an hour late for everything and leasing a BMW, Lucali's “Miami touches” include the 305-required outdoor dining area and lunchtime service

The place's offerings are so awesomely straightforward, they don't even bother with menus and just slap everything on a chalkboard. No matter who you are, you're getting 20in Brooklyn-style pies with crispy, thin crusts and your choice of of nine toppings: pepperoni, red & green peppers, onion, portobellos, shallots, garlic, artichoke hearts, and jalapenos. And an entire basil plant

And every pie's bolstered by a special blend of buffalo and low-moisture mozzarellas, plus Reggiano

As for the drinks, they’ll be offering up a tightly curated selection of low-production Italian wines, which'll be served in old-school rocks glasses. The Decision between red and white will be yours.