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Live music and sushi in South Beach

No, Barezzito isn't the answer to the Marlins pitching woes -- it's actually a colorful live-music and sushi spot with 18 locations in Mexico that's opening its first in the U.S. on Collins Ave. All that said, though, it would probably also be the Marlins best pitcher.If you're the kind of very normal person who can't function if you don't hear Rich Girl at 3am, just sit in these colorful chairs and listen to a live band play classic hits and Top 40 from 11p-5a every Thursday-Sunday.The Japanese/Latin fusion menu will also be served until 5a, including bites like this conch mango ceviche with citrus dressing, red onion, red pepper, and cilantro.In lieu of giving you two weeks in paradise and some new friends who you're TOTALLY going to keep in touch with when you're back to real life, this Honeymoon Roll offers crab salad, shrimp tempura, cream cheese, avocado, and scallions, topped with walnuts, coconut, and honey.The mojito roll combines whitefish, avocado, and deep fried shallots, and comes with a side of mojito sauce. You have to order the other kind of mojito sauce separately.They take jumbo lump crab and kimchi sauce, bread it in panko, and deep fry it to combat the scourge of micro greens, before adding some French dressing.After getting marinated in Indonesian ABC sweet soy sauce, the churrasco steak and shiitake mushrooms get stir fried in soy-lime vinaigrette.The spicy caipiroska mixes Ketel One Citron with lemons, sugar, and muddled jalapenos, and will likely be required consumption all summer for anyone who considers themselves a Marlins fan.