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A crazy Lincoln Road taco crawl

taco crawl in miami

Creativity on Lincoln Rd usually means a guy painting himself to look like the Statue of Liberty, or someone performing uncomfortably intrusive magic tricks. But now, thanks to a certain lifestyle site that rhymes with "illest", and the food-ertainment experts over at Dishcrawl, it also means seeing what four of The Road’s hottest restaurants are doing to make your regular expectations of the taco…… DISAPPEAR!

 Mini Taco Salad at Serendipity

The Spot: Serendipity 3
The Taco: Mini Taco Salad
What they’ve done: Serendipity could just do what you’d expect and throw a gallon of ice cream in a fried corn tortilla, but instead they’ve put pulled seasoned chicken, garlic-avocado salsa, queso fresco and lettuce in a hot, awesomely greasy, fresh-fried mini-flour tortilla. Wisely leaving you room for dessert.

 Pollo al Pastor Taco at HuaHuas

The Spot:HuaHuas
The Taco: Pollo al Pastor
What they’ve done: Todd Erickson’s take on al pastor means he’s slow roasting a 3hrs-marinated chicken thigh, then pulling it, putting it in a flour tortilla, and topping it with charred pineapple, raw and charred onions, and lime crema.

 Baja Chicken Tacos at Balans

The Spot: Balans
The Taco: Baja Chicken Taco
What they’ve done: The Brits are always trying to prove they're better than Americans by adding extraneous U’s to words (wourds?), and, in the case of Balans’, topping blackened chicken w/ pineapple, onion & cilantro, and then wrapping it romaine.

 Guava pulled pork taco at Yuca

The Spot:Yuca
The Taco: Guava Pulled-Pork Taco
What they’ve done: For their Cuban take on the taco, Yuca is slow-roasting baby back ribs mixed with guava and pineapple, then putting it in a flour tortilla with BBQ sauce, pickles, shallots, poblano and red peppers, cilantro aioli, and black beans.