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Some of Philly's favorite hoagies are ready for you to devour them in South Beach

Sandwiches at Primo Hoagies South Beach

Even though FX has been trying to tell us otherwise for like eight years, it’s really NOT always sunny in Philadelphia, which is why their famous Primo Hoagies shop -- winner of the Best Hoagie award from at least a million newspapers you've never read -- has decided to move to South Beach to fill you with meaty sandwiches that're slapped on fresh-baked Philly rolls and filled with ingredients you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

 Baking bread at Primo Hoagies South Beach

The bread is baked all day long in a special oven in back. It’s gonna be the base for your small, full, or most-popular Primo sized sub.

 The Audie at Primo Hoagies South Beach

Every Primo sandwich is coming with half a pound of meat, so you better either come hungry or bring Richie Incognito with you. Here’s the Audie: enough turkey, roast beef, Provolone, and veggies to last you two meals.

 The Italian Sub at Primo Hoagies South Beach

This is the Italian with prosciutto, Provolone, Thumann's hot capicola & natural-casing Genoa salami. Because an unnatural casing would mean the sandwich was probably trying to rob you.

 The Soprano at Primo Hoagies South Beach

Instead of spending hours in a Jersey strip club or whacking someone, a safer tribute to James Gandolfini would be eating the Soprano: cracked pepper turkey, roasted red peppers, sharp Provolone, and their special house spice blend.

 The Audiablo at Primo Hoagies South Beach

Off the “Diablo” menu of spicy subs comes the Audiablo: turkey breast, roasted beef, veggies, and spices, plus the fresh cut mozzarella they’re using on every sandwich.

 4 sandwiches at Primo Hoagies South Beach

If you wanna show the ladies just how much meat you can consume, take all these sandwiches to one of their perfect-for-people-watching outdoor tables on Washington Ave.

 Interior at Primo Hoagies South Beach

If the outside seats are too hot for you, you’re in luck: much like every single car in the Auto Guia, the inside seating at Primo has ICE COLD A/C!!!

 Original store picture at Primo Hoagies South Beach

The inside décor is either a highly inaccurate tribute to their favorite '90s TV theme song, or a lesson in how Primo became a Philly legend.