The beloved El Rancho Grande is back, with a new name and way more tequila

Pollo taco at TeQuiztlan

Even with viral video help from Jimmy McMillan, El Rancho Grande's rent was just too damn high on Lincoln Road, so they had to close their doors after almost 20yrs. Luckily, the Beach's Mexican stalwart has reopened in Sunset Harbor after being rebranded as TeQuiztlan, and is serving up the same spicy deliciousness alongside MORE tequila. And, presumably, more "sick" days from you.Just like "Taser", the brand name “El Rancho Grande” is actually held by some company in Arizona, so owner Jose Ortiz was forced to name his new spot something way more badass-sounding. Although still not as badass as Taser.Sadly, TeQuiztlan will not be hosting nightly Spanish-language performances of Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit. These are just old Mexican movie flyers and de-circulated pesos the Ortiz family hand-built into the tables.TeQuiztlan means “land of tequila”, which is exactly where their premium flights like this one -- with Alacran Silver, Amor Mio Extra Anejo, and Casa Cofradia Reposado -- will take you.As if the tequilas weren’t enough reason for you to bring your Mormon friend along to drive, the yard-long drafts of Modelo, Corona, and Pacifico pretty much ensure he’s getting free Diet Cokes all night.The ERG up on 72nd St is actually owned by Ortiz’s son and was for some complicated legal reason allowed to keep its name. The taco recipes here -- whether carne asada, seasoned pollo, carnitas, or al pastor with pineapple -- are also different.Here’re the camarones en rajas: jumbo shrimp served on top of chile poblano onions and a sour cream sauce.Or, if you’re just so excited that the place is back that you need to try half the menu, get the Plato Mexicano with conchinita pibil, chicken enchiladas in green sauce, and chile relleno with cheese and pollo en mole, all served with rice, beans, and tortillas.Oh, and yeah, they’ve still got margaritas. Tens of ’em made with their 50+ tequilas and whatever fresh fruit they get in that day. So start brushing up on your fake cough.

Interior at TeQuiztlan
Tables at TeQuiztlan
Tequilas at TeQuiztlan
Beers at TeQuiztlan
Tacos at TeQuiztlan
Camarones en rajas at TeQuiztlan
Plato Mexicano at TeQuiztlan
Margartias at TeQuiztlan