The Haven team's dog-friendly SoBe spot is serving Mexican corn and fried chicken tacos (to humans)

Enchilada's at HuaHua's Taqueria

If you love dogs AND tacos: congratulations, you're a person. And you’ll want to be spending a lot of time at Huahua's Taqueria, where Todd Erickson and the team from Haven are delivering crazy taco combinations to you, and even crazier combinations like “water and a biscuit” to your pooch.

 Interior at Huahua’s Taqueria

The place is named after the owner’s Chihuahua Jalapena so, in addition to all sorts of doggy-related stuff, they’re selling 21 different hot sauces at the front counter.

 Elote at Huahua’s Taqueria

This is the elote, grilled Mexican sweet corn with spicy mayo, plus blanco and Cotija cheeses.

 Fried Chicken Taco at Huahua’s Taqueria

Here’s the possible highlight: a massive fried chicken taco with jalapeno cornbread croutons and ancho ranch.

 Crispy Pescado Taco at Huahua’s Taqueria

Hit up Huahua’s late-night, and the crispy pescado taco with papaya pico, cabbage, and jalapeno tartar might actually have you convinced you’re in San Diego. Luckily, it's much tougher to get to Tijuana from Miami.

 Breakfast Taco at Huahua’s Taqueria

Hit it up even later and it’ll be time for breakfast. They’ve got you covered with this breakfast taco: cheesy eggs, carnitas, and pork green chili.

 Beers and Margaritas at Huahua’s Taqueria

For you, they’ve got a big selection of Mexican beer, plus strawberry-passionfruit and lime margs. For your dog, they have water. Unless you like to give your dog beer.

 Avocado salad at Huahua’s Taqueria

Trying to lose weight and watching your carbs? Then you can take all those super-healthy ingredients in the tacos and put them on a salad, like this fried avocado, guacamole, grilled peppers, and tofu crema.

 Cheese and bean enchilada at Huahua’s Taqueria

Can’t be like everyone else and eat tacos? They’ve also got four enchiladas like braised short rib and this cheese & bean. Enjoy it while you root against the Heat.

Dog stuff at HuaHua’s Taqueria

Read this part to your dog: woof woof, arf, growl, woof woof woof arf, yip yip yip, slurp. Woof. Loosely translated, that means they’ve got water bowls outside, plus dog treats, jumping beans, and leashes inside, so Scraps is always welcome.