Liquid nitrogen cocktails meet down-home food in SoFi

Tongue & Cheek interior

Tongue & Cheek is almost a pun (maybe?), but it's definitely a homestyle American spot on 5th and Washington, putting a chef’s spin on traditional favorites (poutine-pastrami-spiced fries!), and offering a chemistry lab's worth of slightly insane specialty cocktails

Some of the design features from the old, Beard Design Award-winning Tuscan Steak space -- like this stone wall on the North side -- remain intact. Others, like this original painting of 1950s Miami from local artist Claudio Picasso, are brand new

There's also this portrait of Uncle Pennybags’ prized steer, a distinguished Hereford named Carl

The bar pays tribute to owner Michael Reginbogin’s New York background by using more than a thousand subway tiles for the back wall, and by wearing Yankees gear to meaningless Marlins-Nats games

Have a seat outside and enjoy the people-watching at the corner of 5th and Washington, unlike those guys in the white vans who seem to never stop doing it for work

Catch up on important episodes of The Big Bang Theory with the nightly TV dinner served from 5-7p. $10 gets you a rotating selection of comfort food and a Mexican Coke

They’re offering all kinds of different sized plates, starting with snacks like cheddar and rye crackers, before moving up to “mids” like these lettuce wraps with crispy pig ears, Florida oranges, and salted peanuts

The beef cheek burger is served with fresh-cut fries and the option to add a $5 milkshake. Chef Jamie DeRosa insists it's better than yours. Damn right

The “mains” are a collection of heartiness, like this fried chicken served with red cabbage and Tabasco Hollandaise

If you listened to Dr. Huxtable, you’d know the best thing for you after dinner is this Puddin’ Pop filled with milk chocolate cake and couverture chocolate, and topped with marcona almonds

The bartenders go all Bill Nye when they make the Blackberry Molecular Margarita, muddling fresh blackberries and Florida oranges, then straining water and Milagro Silver tequila through them into a fishbowl filled with liquid nitrogen

The finished product

The Bourbon for Apples: Buffalo Trace, green apple liqueur, and fresh thyme steeped over red ice balls made to look like mini apples

The Walking Dead is Death’s Door gin mixed with muddled Matt’s Farm strawberries, and served in a glass lined with crushed strawberries that've been dehydrated, just like you after having more than two of them.

Pablo Picasso painting at Tongue & Cheek
Bull painting at Tongue & Cheek
The bar at Tongue & Cheek
Outdoor seating at Tongue & Cheek
TV Dinner at Tongue & Cheek
Pig ear lettuce wraps at Tongue & Cheek
Beef cheek burger at Tongue & Cheek
Fried chicken at Tongue & Cheek
Puddin' Pop at Tongue & Cheek
Making a margarita at Tongue & Cheek
Blackberry Molecular Margarita at Tongue & Cheek
Bourbon for Apples at Tongue & Cheek
The Walking Dead at Tongue & Cheek