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The Best Deals at Miami Spice This Year

Courtesy of Red, the Steakhouse
Courtesy of Red, the Steakhouse

Much like Christmas was created to help people get through miserable, snowbound winters, so Miami Spice was created to help get Miamians though stifling, AC-bound summers. From August 1 until the end of September, some of Miami’s finest restaurants are offering three-course, prix-fixe menus for a measly $39. But with over 200 restaurants participating, figuring out which ones are a great deal and which ones are saving you a fat 47 cents is kinda tough.

This is why we went to painstaking lengths and crunched the numbers for you, pricing out what these special menus would cost if you ordered them normally, and how to order so you’ll save the most. Though the portions might be a little smaller, they’re easily just as delicious. Here are the 12 spots where you’ll be getting the most bang for your Miami Spice buck.

Kaori by Walter Martino


What it normally costs: $82
What you’re saving: $43
The chance to have your food served in a stiletto with absolutely no judgment is reason enough to check out Walter Martino’s Brickell outpost. But adding in Norwegian salmon tartare, filet mignon, and panna cotta Nutella makes it a must hit for Spice.


South Beach

What it normally costs: $81
What you’re saving: $42
Katsuya sees your three Miami Spice courses and raises you a fourth. So go ahead and mix kitchens, starting out with the wagyu gyoza, moving on to buttermilk-fried bass, the filet and foie from the robata, and sake mousse tort for dessert.

Shula's Steak House

Miami Lakes

What it normally costs: $90
What you’re saving: $45
No, you won’t get your name on the wall or a special reception with Coach Shula if you manage to complete the Spice menu. But it’s a good warm-up for the 64-ounce challenge, especially if you take down the lobster bisque ($6 upgrade), 8-ounce Times Square strip steak with grilled jumbo shrimp, and a slice of cheesecake to wrap it up.

Red, the Steakhouse


What it normally costs: $82
What you’re saving: $43
As he does every year, Peter Vauthy is switching up his Spice menu theme weekly. But the best value comes during the “classic steakhouse” week, where you’re ordering bigeye tuna crudo, Certified Angus Beef filet mignon, and chocolate mousse cake.

Lobster Bar Sea Grille


What it normally costs: $85
What you’re saving: $46
See if this spot has a chance of breaking the China Grill curse, and order the Lobster Bar's Lobster Bisque Au Cognac, the one-and-a-quarter-pound whole Nova Scotia stuffed lobster, and lobster ice cream for dessert. Kidding. Obviously go with the profiteroles.

Estiatorio Milos


What it normally costs: $89
What you’re saving: $50
Yes, we know Milos is known for its fish. And if you want to taste stuff caught in the Mediterranean before being FedExed across the Atlantic, by all means do it. But your best value here is staying domestic with Rhode Island calamari, Colorado lamb chops, and a seasonal fruit platter sourced from all over Florida.

Bourbon Steak


What it normally costs: $87
What you’re saving: $48
If you’re living north of the county line and want to experience Miami Spice, your best bet is the steakhouse at Turnberry where you’d be wise to order the charred octopus ceviche, the New York Strip with cumin yogurt, and the spiced chocolate cremeux.



What it normally costs: $91
What you’re saving: $52
Not sure how Diamond Dave Grutman is affording the LIV renovation and this insane Spice special. Better to enjoy the burrata with baco bread, the 8-ounce wagyu skirt steak, and the Komodo Baked Alaska... and not ask any questions.

The Bazaar by José Andrés

South Beach

What it normally costs: $100
What you’re saving: $61
Typically you’ll leave Bazaar with either a full stomach, or a full wallet. Never both. But not during Miami Spice, when you can get a sampling of five small plates for the standard $39. The best value: bao con lechón, Cuban coffee-rubbed churrasco, pollo al ajillo, secreto Ibérico de bellota, and s’mores chocolate cake for dessert.


Miami Beach

What it normally costs:  $116
What you’re saving: $77
In terms of sheer volume, there’s no better value at Miami Spice than Byblos. You’re getting two appetizers -- the lamb ribs and shakshouka are the best deal -- plus one main, one side, and dessert. Try the local snapper, jeweled rice, and strawberry cheesecake qatayef, respectively.

Bazaar Mar Miami

Bazaar Mar by José Andrés


What it normally costs: $157
What you’re saving: $118
If you’ve wanted to try what many are calling the best new restaurant to hit mainland Miami in the past year -- but the prices scared you away -- go now. And order the Neptune’s Pillow, grilled branzino, secreto Ibérico, Jidori chicken, and key lime pie “our way.”

Quality Meats

South Beach

What it normally costs: $142+
What you’re saving: $83+
In perhaps the most intriguing offer of the year, if you go in after 8:30pm and pay a $20 upcharge to $59, you can order almost any app or steak off the regular menu, plus roasted veggies and... ready for this? Unlimited wine. Even pairing one wine per course with the U10 scallops, the seared three filets, and the roasted seasonal veggies is an insane deal.

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