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Published On 10/30/2013 Published On 10/30/2013

No one likes middle men, which explains why a movie called Middle Men starring Luke Wilson and Giovanni Ribisi happened in 2009, and nobody noticed. Because middle men shouldn't be involved in your food either, we partnered up with Bolthouse Farms to spotlight nine of Miami's best farm-to-table spots.

Moloko: Moloko's coffee hails from both Miami bean-vendors (Panther) and their own Brazilian plantation, where it makes the journey from seed to roasted espresso. But the chow you pair it with all hails from these parts, a la the "The Elvis Bloom-berg": a locally sourced, pan-fried peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwich served up with a side of Sriracha. Hit up Moloko now through Wed, Nov 20, and walk away with a free bottle of Bolthouse Farms juice -- follow this map to get the goods.

*While supplies last

1500 Degrees: Chef Paula Dasilva meets regularly with her farmer/fisherman friends to give them explicit instructions like "gimme gimme". Once she's got the goods to make Florida hog snapper ceviche, sea-salted Swank Farms shishito peppers, etc, she augments it with what's right outside her window: a vegetable and herb garden planted on-site at the hotel.

Market 17: Fish coming from fisherman, meat from ranchers, and produce from farmers all finds its way into 17's Dining In the Dark experience, which enhances the flavor of the Key West pink shrimp and blackened grass-fed ribeye by making you blind (temporarily!). Silverware will be on the table, but, good luck with that.

The Federal: Pledge allegiance to this sustainable American diner's long-anticipated menu revamp with liberty (buffalo pig wings) topped over justice (a cornmeal waffle, maple syrup, and Vermont butter) for all.

Florida Cookery: When you're sourcing ingredients from a different organic farm every week it's hard to master a signature salad, unless, say, you're Kris Wessel and you create the "CSA Box Salad" and pile it high with "mysterious ingredients" (though wouldn't that make it a CSI Box Salad?).

Box Park: Farm-to-table's got some competition by way of swamp-to-table, where locally caught exotic fare like fried alligator crawls its way onto the menu next to BBQ rabbit wings and grilled octopus.

The News Lounge Cafe: These guys are so damn serious about freshness, they bring their local-farm providers in during weekend brunch so they can sell the good stuff to patrons right on the spot, like a farmer's market with seating so you don't have to wonder around aimlessly for hours like you're at a farmer's market or something.

Michael's Genuine Food & Drink: Holy COW, that burger's colossal, and it's just a gooey smidge of an ever-changing menu full of primo foodstuffs sourced from local farmers, fishermen, ranchers, artisans and family-owned operations.

Edge Steak & Bar: This spot embraces a GIY (grow it yourself) approach, like with the peppers Chef Aaron Brooks harvests from their garden by the pool and uses to create hot sauces, rubs and drinks.

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1. Moloko 3201 N. Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127

Named after what Alex and his droogs sucked back in A Clockwork Orange, Moloko's an artsy coffee and crepe shop that looks like a cross between Disney World's Haunted Mansion, a library, and a farmhouse, thanks to way-tall wood-beamed ceilings, barn door bathrooms, eerie moving paintings, and shelves stacked with borrowable books donated by locals, who you shouldn’t hassle... hell, they’re giving you books!

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2. 1500° @ Eden Roc Opens 4525 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140 (Miami Beach)

Named for its streak-charring oven temp and helmed by Hell's Kitchen finalist Paula DaSilva, 1500° is employing a farm-to-table mindset, offering small plates like jumbo lump crab cakes with cilantro slaw & Old Bay aioli, steaks ranging from a 6oz Wagyu

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3. Market 17 1850 SE 17th St, Ft. Lauderdale, 33316 (Fort Lauderdale)

Market 17 leverages a farm-to-table ethos (organic free-range chicken, hormone-/steroid-free beef) to deliver standouts like seared Hereford pork loin w/ pork belly and rosemary roasted pears, tableside ceviche service, and more.

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4. The Federal Food Drink & Provisions 5132 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33137

The Phuc Yea! crew's homey spot on Biscayne is serving comfort food that you can wash down with 15 wines, beers on tap, and cocktails... just not all at once. Their light, fluffy biscuits have been ranked as some of the best in the country and are just a little sweet with a honey apple cider glaze. This modern American tavern serves up lunch, dinner and boozy brunch, and their Bloody Mary, made with Southwestern-style chipotle, cilantro, horseradish and agave wine, is not one to miss.

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5. Florida Cookery 1545 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139 (South Beach)

Kris Wessel created this airy, contemporary joint as a way to pay homage to her love affair with Miami. She even claims she'd serve this food to her own family (well...thank God...wouldn't most resto owners?). Tons of unique cuisine smatters the menu (like roasted Everglades Wild Boar!), so be sure to take advantage.

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6. Box Park 1111 SW 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33130 (Brickell)

The guys behind The Hoxton are serving all sorts of Everglades wildlife -- gator, duck, wild boar, and more -- so you can expand your palate sans mosquitoes, with a cocktail in hand.

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7. The News Lounge Cafe 5580 NE 4th Court, Miami, FL 33137 (Morningside)

Inside's “Metropolis” décor comes complete with a mirror room, but its outside showing who's boss with a 100-seater garden courtyard equipped with an outdoor island bar, outdoor pool tables, swings and a bed (for lounging, the activity one does most commonly in an outdoor bed). They make their hours happy every damn day from 11am-9pm, meaning $4 wells, $3 beers and $6 mojitos/dirty martinis. Hunger pains diminish with $4 bacon wrapped asparagus and $6 cheeseburger sliders.

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8. Michael's Genuine Food & Drink Grand Cayman 47 Forum Lane, Suite 4103, Grand Cayman, Other KY1-9006 (Nation)

After three years of accolades in Miami, and a just-received James Beard Award, Michael Schwartz's opening MGF Grand Cayman with a dockside location in the town of Camana Bay, featuring a warm bistro feel thanks to an open kitchen and wood-burning oven, tons of windows, outdoor seating, and eventually a chef's garden that'll turn out daily fruits, veggies, and herbs, which you should not hang out with, as then people will think you too are a loser.

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9. Edge, Steak & Bar 1435 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131 (Brickell)

There are several things that separate this sophisticate venue from the high-brow steakhouses of Miami: for one, executive chef Aaron Brooks was named the Miami "Lambassador" by the Australian lamb council, and his lamb chops, served with chickpeas, fire-roasted peppers, red chimichurri, and coriander cream, are an award-winning signature. The rest of the meat-centric menu features Creekstone Farms steaks that are cooked over a mesquite-chipped grill, giving them a smoky, outdoorsy flavor that'll make you forget you’re sitting in the Four Seasons. And though the prices won't make a meal at Edge a casual spend, specialty seafood that's flown in every day makes the trip worth it.


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