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The 305's 5 most incredible melty sandwiches

Ms. Cheezious's Sweet Meltdown grilled cheese

It's been National Grilled Cheese Month all April, and you definitely had just toast that one time, with zero pieces of melted cheese on it. Shame on you. To make up for your rampant un-American-ness, we present five of the finest grilled cheeses in town. Go eat them all, and bail yourself out. You've got until Tuesday. Angelina’s Coffee and Juice's Adult Grilled Cheese3451 NE 1st Ave #102B; Midtown; 305.424.9129 As Miami's becoming a hub for all things Adult, Angelina’s best “Adult Grilled Cheese” is the #3 with provolone, chorizo, arugula, and "tumac" dressing on country bread. Their menu's got more than just coffee and juice. Check it.Daily Melt's Coney Island3401 N Miami Ave Space 123; Midtown; 305.573.0101 The Coney Island Melt is as heart-stopping as its namesake amusement park (seriously, have you SEEN the terrifying freaks on that beach?) thanks to the combo of hot dog, chili, American, onion, and mustard. Get the deets on the rest of their menu, hereMs. Cheezious's Grilled Blue and BaconCheck where's she at today!; 305.989.4019 The Grilled Blue and Bacon puts crispy hog, creamy cheese, and green onion on sourdough, and has on more than one occasion caused customers to step back, point at the sandwich, and exclaim, “You’re my BOY!” Just wait til you see the other cheeses they're grilling...Crumb on Parchment's Ooey Gooey3930 NE 2nd Ave; Midtown; 305.572.9444 The Ooey Gooey is both sharp white cheddar on butter bread, and an accurate description of the inside of your arteries after you eat it. More on Crumb right this waySugarcane Raw Bar and Grill's Ropa Vieja Grilled Cheese3252 NE 1st Ave; Midtown; 786.369.0353 There is truly no other city in America that could come up with the Ropa Vieja Grilled Cheese, which takes your favorite Cuban entrée named in honor of clothes that are old, adds Manchego and cheddar, and puts it all on brioche. Click here to find out more about Sugarcane's awesome brunch

Coney Island grilled cheese at Daily Melt
Grilled Blue & Bacon from Ms. Cheezious
Ropa Vieja Grilled Cheese at Sugarcane