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11 things you need to know about the new Siena Tavern

Siena Tavern Miami Bar

Kinda like Amanda Bynes, South Beach’s landmark light tower on 5th and Washington is all lit up again. Except unlike Amanda Bynes, the light tower looks better than it used to thanks to Fabio Viviani and his partners who are bringing Chicago’s famous Siena Tavern to South Beach. And while you already know about Fabio and his famous meatball taking over the old China Grill spot, here’re 11 things you probably didn’t know.

1. The name is based on a tiny Siena restaurant

The chef and his partners ducked into a place called La Taverna while visiting the city and they loved it so much that they named the Chicago flagship after it.

2. Their Wagyu beef meatball has its own Twitter

@sienameatball only has 359 followers, but, ya know, that's 359 more than the NEXT most famous meatball, that wad from Aqua Teen

Siena Tavern Beer Tap

3. The tree in their logo represents the olive trees of the Tuscany region

So no, they do not have an apparel agreement with Timberland.

Siena Tavern Miami Light Tower

4. The landmark light tower outside is now made up of 100,000 LED lights

This one can now project pictures of dancing strippers, as opposed to the old one that just showed pretty colors.

Siena Tavern Miami

5. "Siena" is the correct Italian spelling of the town in Italy

"Sienna" -- with two "n"s -- is a minivan. And nobody’s naming a restaurant after a minivan.

6. The pizza dough recipe was created by a pizza chemist

To account for Miami’s humidity, Siena Tavern brought in a guy, who Fabio refers to as the “Heisenberg of pizza”, to develop a recipe and baking formula so the crust comes out as good as it does in Chicago. So kinda like meth, except with pizza. 

Host stand at Siena Tavern Miami

7. The massive doors behind the host stand were salvaged after Hurricane Katrina

No joke, there are entire businesses in the Crescent City that deal in selling items salvaged from Katrina. Some call them profiteers, we'll call them... err, not that 'cause they found such freakin' cool doors.

8. The Siena Tavern in Chicago has made more than 250,000 individual coccoli

That’s enough little Italian dough balls (pronounced "co-co-lee") to fill every cubic inch of the Miami version's private dining room.

Siena Tavern Blonde Ale

9. Wynwood Brewing Co. has created the exclusive Siena draft

It’s designed to be paired with the food and is infused with Italian spices like anise, oregano, basil, and peppercorn. Yeah, peppercorn beer. It’s come to that.

10. The secret ingredient to their Italian holeless donuts, called bomboloni, is mashed potatoes

Because carbs.

Cocktails at Siena Tavern Miami

11. Bar Lab developed their entire cocktail menu

In case you didn’t know, those are the same people who do The Broken Shaker. So, yeah, make sure you don’t have too many, otherwise people might mistake you for Amanda Bynes.

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