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The Best Supper Clubs in Wisconsin

Published On 02/16/2016 Published On 02/16/2016
Courtesy of The Bartolotta Group
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Tornado Steakhouse


The Tornado Room has only been around for 20 years, but it feels much older, thanks to its dark, cave-like atmosphere. The signature cut is a 20oz bone-in tenderloin, and like all of Tornado’s steaks, this one comes topped with a massive onion ring -- but order up the hash browns on the side, too. Given this supper club’s proximity to Madison’s nightlife hot spots, it’s convenient that the kitchen stays open until 1am. So a late-night breakfast of escargot is wholly appropriate.


New Holstein

Things are run a little differently at this extremely busy supper club. A host takes your name when you walk in, hands you a menu, and offers you a seat in the huge bar area, where you order your full meal. Appetizers are delivered to the bar, and then you get escorted to your table once your order is up. While this may sound chaotic, it’s actually great: this gives you plenty of time for snacking on homemade onion rings, sipping brandy Old Fashioneds, and soaking in the familial atmosphere before your meal. When you’re done with your prime rib, head back to the bar for a grasshopper... or three.

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Little Bohemia Lodge

Manitowish Waters

Little Bohemia gained some notoriety as the location of the FBI’s botched Dillinger gang raid where a bunch of people died, and the entire gang got away. Some scenes in Public Enemies were filmed here, so now besides the original Dillinger bullet holes in the walls, you also get to check out Johnny Depp memorabilia. After a tour of the property, check out the old-school menu, which includes Eastern European dishes like pork shanks with kraut and schnitzel.

Butterfly Club


In operation since 1924, Butterfly Club is one of the oldest supper clubs in the state. You’ll be treated to decor that hasn’t changed in 30 years, sassy service, and lounge lizard-style entertainment, so it’s the perfect place to treat your grandma to a blast from her past. Don’t be alarmed when you find cinnamon rolls hidden in your bread basket: that’s a common occurrence at a lot of these old-school clubs. Embrace your inner diabetic and go for it.

Courtesy of The Bartolotta Group

Joey Gerard’s

Greendale & Mequon

Though it hasn’t been around for decades like some of these classics, Bartolotta’s foray into supper clubs is holding its own against the competition. The Joey Gerard’s modern interpretation includes all the usual favorites, like relish trays with green goddess dip, brandy alexanders, and steaks of all sizes. But they also offer up tiki cocktails, multitiered spinning lazy Susan appetizers, and veal piccata -- just in case you’re looking for a little something different.


South Range

Dreamland’s claim to fame is their french fried turkey: a thick slab of roasted turkey breast, fried in sweet batter, and served with melted butter and jam. Like a monte cristo sandwich but without all the boring bread. The relish tray is a whole course to itself, with three salads, pickles, and the famous smoked herring.

Ishnala Supper Club


Lake Delton

Unsurprisingly -- given its perfect situation for views of Mirror Lake -- the corner table of this club has seen a lot of marriage proposals in its day. Ishnala, which opened in the 1950s, is perched on the lakeshore like a punchbowl filled with Korbel. Sinatra tunes serenade you on the elegant path to the entrance, just in case you didn’t realize this was the most romantic spot for steak and lobster near the Dells.

Greenwood Supper Club

Fish Creek

Originally known as the Slipper Inn when it opened in 1929, Greenwood was a regular stop for John Dillinger. They sold gasoline and ice cream back then, then turned into a saloon for a few years, adding a dance floor, stage, and movie screen. All those features are long gone, but in its place, a  classic meat-potatoes-and-seafood supper club remains. The speciality is worth checking out: broiled local whitefish from the waters around Door County.

Courtesy of Five O’Clock Steakhouse

Five O’Clock Steakhouse


Since 1948, Five O’Clock has been serving up some of the best steaks in MKE. The signature cut is nothing less grand than a giant slab of a porterhouse,and it comes with the classic supper club additions of tossed salad (with multiple dressings served on the table, naturally), warm bread you slice yourself, and a relish tray. You can’t beat the atmosphere, which feels super cozy, thanks to the drop ceiling and sparkling Christmas lights.



The HobNob is built on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan, which provides patrons with the significant benefit of fantastic views right at the bar. But it’s the inside that steals the show: the club is divided into smaller rooms, all of which are filled with eclectic decor, including Persian rugs, deep purple wallpaper, and a Moroccan-themed private dining area. Don’t skip the after-dinner drink here. These ice cream-based cocktails are so thick, they’re served in a 6-inch mound above a shallow glass.

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Jackson Grill


This club is actually located inside a former family home, hidden away in a residential neighborhood, so it seriously couldn’t feel more like you were invited to your neighbor’s for dinner. Of course, this neighbor’s family would have to include sports stars and local celebrities, if the autographed walls in their bar are to be believed. Come for the charred steaks topped with portobello mushrooms and garlic, seared scallops on saffron risotto, and that amazingly retro hot bacon salad dressing. Mmm, bacon.

Buckhorn Supper Club


Door County is known for fish boils, but in Milton, it’s all about the pyrotechnic lobster boil at Buckhorn. They place a cauldron (yes, cauldron is the correct term here)  on top of a bonfire, and once the lobsters are fully cooked, a healthy squirt of fuel transforms the lobster bath into a raging inferno -- causing the whole thing to boil over. It all takes place on the shore of Lake Koshkonong, which is almost as fun to say as watching a lobsterpocalypse is to see.

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1. Tornado Steakhouse 1798 N Humboldt Ave, Madison, WI 53202

Not only is Tornado Steakhouse a great steakhouse, but it is one of the best supper clubs in Wisconsin. For the past 20 years, Tornado Steakhouse has been right in the middle of Madison's hottest night life scene, serving up mouthwatering steaks until 1am.

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2. Schwarz Supper Club W1688 Sheboygan Rd, New Holstein, WI 53061

There are multiple reasons why this supper club is one of the most popular eateries in Wisconsin. Not only is their food out of this world, but they serve you before dinner drinks and appetizers at the bar before escorting you to your table for the main course.

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3. Little Bohemia Lodge 130-154 US-51, Manitowish Waters, WI 53534

The Little Bohemia Lodge is not only one of the best supper clubs in Wisconsin, but also a backdrop for some scenes in Public Enemies and where some FBI activity went down. Chow down on some delicious Eastern European dishes while admiring some Johnny Depp memorabilia. This will all make sense when you get there.

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4. The Butterfly Club 5246 E County Road X, Beloit, WI 53511

The Butterfly Club has been open since 1924, and it is still one of the oldest and most popular supper clubs in Wisconsin. When you go inside, it doesn't look like much has changed since 1924, and we can equate it's charm to that of your grandmother. She is old and slightly out of date, but her cooking will never be beat. Ever.

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5. Joey Gerard's 5601 Broad St, Greendale, WI 53129

This may be one of the newer supper clubs in Wisconsin, but that doesn't stop it from being one of the best. Besides the usual steak dinners, you can enjoy tiki cocktails, veal picatta, and a multitiered lazy Susan filled with appetizers.

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6. Dreamland Supper Club 4368 S County Road E, South Range, WI 54874

If you are a South Range local, then you are fully aware of Dreamland and their famous french fried turkey. If you are not a South Range local, you need to get in your car and get to Dreamland now. You can't continue existing in Wisconsin without eating this turkey masterpiece.

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7. Ishnala Supper Club S2011 Ishnala Road, Lake Delton, WI 53965

This is one of our favorite supper clubs in Wisconsin because it has an awesome menu, specialty cocktails, and the perfect romantic atmosphere. They aren't open all year round, so when they are you need to make sure you stop by. You won't regret it.

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8. Greenwood Supper Club 9087 County Road a, Fish Creek, WI 54212

Greenwood Supper Club is the ideal place to eat if you are craving some old-school supper club fare. Their steaks are top notch, but if you like seafood you should try their broiled local whitefish. They also have a dance floor and a movie screen, so make sure you are checking in for any events they could be having.

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9. Five O'Clock Steakhouse 2416 W State St, Milwaukee, WI 53233

This supper-club steakhouse serves up meat and potatoes in giant portions. Start your meal off with a brandy Old Fashioned; cold Shrimp Cocktail; and complimentary Relish Tray, iceberg-lettuce salad, and dressing caddy before you polish off that porterhouse. It’s quintessential Wisconsin.

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10. HobNob Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge 277 Sheridan Rd, Racine, WI 53403

We aren't kidding when we say that we are obsessed with this supper club. HobNob overlooks Lake Michigan which makes for some fantastic views during dinner, and their decor fun and inviting. Their menu is amazing, and we love their ice cream-based cocktails. Yes, you read that correctly.

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11. Jackson Grill 3736 W Mitchell St, Milwaukee, WI 53215

Chef Jimmy Jackson learned to cook at his father's restaurant (Ray Jackson's) under Jahn Kramph. Now he helms this spot, which calls itself "Milwaukee's Supper Club." The steaks are phenomenal, and most of them come topped with mushroom, gorgonzola butter, or creme bordelaise.

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12. Buckhorn Supper Club 11802 N Charley Bluff Rd, Milton, WI 53563

The Buckhorn Supper Club is one of the best supper clubs Wisconsin. They have a great menu, beautiful views of Lake Koshkonog, and pretty fantastic lobster dishes. If you are going to only visit one supper club in Wisconsin, Buckhorn should be it.