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Legendary St. Paul spot wakes up, makes you breakfast

St. Paul's Southern-style Cajun station took years to launch their Saturday breakfast service, but after getting a real Louisiana chef (who even used to work for Emeril!), it was on:That thar's the Bayou Benedict, which subs in pepper jack and andouille sausage where the regular stuff would go. It's served with cheddar grits and topped with Tabasco hollandaise.The Southern Drawl has fried green tomatoes, pecan wood-smoked bacon, avocado, fried egg, Havarti cheese, and remoulade on toasted sourdough.Enjoy The Hangover before Warner Bros remakes it as an andouille sausage/hash/Monterey Jack dish that's set in Thailand and way stupider.And just when you think it can't get any more gluttonous, go bar-side for sub-$3 AM tipples like mimosas, BYO bloodies, and screwdrivers -- so don't take years to get there.