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Big talent's up in this double-decker

Britain's Susan Boyle, time to crawl back in the hole (admittedly, one that's beautiful on the inside) from whence you came, because Borough and Parlour -- a mighty, two-story North Looper -- proves that America's got talent, run by a pair of Travail masterminds and the dude who helped put Marvel Bar & Eat Street Social's cocktails on the map.Upstairs at Borough, they bravely ignore the local bloodlust for barnwood everywhere in favor of a more "Victorian concrete fortress" feel.Hey, grate lights!The small plates will change "on a chef’s whim", meaning this octopus with butternut squash might be wearing orange Crocs tomorrow.That foam on the salmon is a very fancy mousse you can learn more about by watching cooking shows that don't feature Guy Fieri.Brussels sprouts with candied walnuts and a cheese called robiola.The stairs down to Parlour look intentionally dilapidated, just like you when coming back up after enjoying several of their cocktails.Down there it's darker, warmer, and wholly more subterranean. And while their 16 craft taps count Indeed and Furthermore, the highlight's a classic mixology menu that includes this deceptively simple "Borough'd Old Fashioned" served neat and packed with Cynar, Bittercube Cherry Bark Vanilla Bitters, Old Overholt Rye, and Old Grand-Dad 114, all meaning you can dream a dream, probably head down at the bar, until they ask you to leave.