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Coffee and donuts in Lynnhurst

Armed with a nifty avian name generally reserved for pirate ship captains with fantastic eyeliner, Sparrow Cafe's bravely stepping into the former Adagio space, keen on bringing actually drinkable Joe back to Lynnhurst

So that's what a sparrow looks like... before it crashes into a clock. Thank you, room-spanning mural by local artists Broken Crow

SC's using a globally-sourced, mainly fair trade organic cache of beans to craft classic caffienaters like this espresso, plus a selection of caps or lattes that they promise not to top with "art". Phew

They're daily-importing crates of clever confections (like candied bacon-topped maple Long Johns, or these vanilla lime-glazed donuts) all from downtown's Angel Food, or what David Boreanaz called the craft service table on the Buffy set

Plus, they've also got buyable croissants and the like from Patisserie Margo and scones with flavors like carrot cake or cheese & bacon. You might wanna get both, assuming you have some extra change to spare... oh!