The 16 Best Burger Joints in the Twin Cities

From vegan to elk and bacon.

Red Cow Ahi Tuna Burger
Red Cow Ahi Tuna Burger | Photo by Ashley Zapata-Palmer
Red Cow Ahi Tuna Burger | Photo by Ashley Zapata-Palmer

Much like the endless debate on what defines “true” pizza (are you thick or thin crust?), defining a perfect burger is a gauntlet thrown. Do you prefer a plain jane, basic option—the OGs, if you will? Or are you a burger hedonist, constantly seeking the highest piled toppings and most umami-filled spreads? If you lack the outdoor space or grill and accoutrements to create your own deluxe burger experience at home however you define it, you’re in luck. The Twin Cities were already a great burger hub, but a few amazing new pop-ups are delivering high class burgers, and it’s never been easier to order pickup or delivery from your favorite spots to enjoy at home. Check out our list of the best burgers to be found in the Twin Cities, which includes something for everyone. Whether for vegans or meat lovers, shake devotees and side-obsessed fans alike, look no further.

Powderhorn, Minneapolis
For many Minnesotans the burger debate begins and ends at Matt’s Bar & Grill, which has hardly changed since it was founded in 1954. The inventor of the jucy lucy (a burger patty with molten cheese stuffed in the middle, for the uninitiated), Matt’s is always a reliable stop. Sure, the prices might be a little higher than when they opened, but they’re hardly sky-high starting at $3.95. We recommend splurging on an original jucy lucy, a side of fries, and some merch to rep around town.
How to order: Dine in, cash only

Bebe Zeto meal
Bebe Zeto meal | Photo by Ben Spangle

Whittier, Minneapolis
Perhaps the most promising new burger in town is this little pop-up-that-could. A deluxe ice cream shop by weekday, Bebe Zito transforms into one of the Twin Cities’ best burger deals by weekend. From Friday - Sunday, swing by to pick up straightforward but delicious burgers that will leave you dreaming all week. While the highly affordable burgers are great single buys, take advantage of one the best deals in town and grab their Jóia meal instead, which includes four single burgers, a full size shake and a scoop of Bebe Zitos’ unique ice cream flavors. And keep your eyes peeled for the new location soon to open at Malcolm Yards, which will allow you to indulge your burger obsession any day of the week. 
How to order: Order in person at the shop and a food runner will bring you your order for takeout

St. Paul, Minneapolis, St. Louis Park
While Revival is well known around town for succulent fried chicken and some of the best Southern-inspired sides the Twin Cities has to offer, what is lesser known is that they make a darn good burger too. There is only one basic burger option available, but why mess with perfection? Pick up the single or double patty of your dreams (and a two-piece because you deserve it after 2020) and never look back. 
How to order: Available for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. Order delivery online here.

Bull's Horn Food And Drink
Courtesy of Bull's Horn Food And Drink

Ericsson, Minneapolis
Local foodies may be mourning the recent closure of Esker Grove, Doug Flicker’s fine dining encore to the sorely missed masterpiece that was Piccolo, but never fear! Chef Flicker can still be found in the cozy confines of the Bull’s Horn, a comfy dive bar he purchased with his wife Amy in 2017. It’s the perfect blend of Zoom-sweats-comfy meets fulfilling bar food from a world class chef. We recommend grabbing a signature or pizza burger with a side of deviled eggs and dill pickle fried chicken and tucking in for a few pints while you’re at it. 
How to order: Available for dine-in and take out. Order takeout online here.

Uptown, Minneapolis
One of the most exciting developments of the last few years has been the explosion of genuinely delicious vegan and vegetarian-centric options throughout the Metro area. Trio Plant Based is a Black-owned restaurant serving 100% plant-based soul food that will put a fire in your belly. From cauliflower wings to several iterations of mac-n-cheeze, there’s a lot to love here. Of the handful of burger options we really recommend starting with the cheezeburger, called “classic” for a reason. Carnivores: prepare to have your mind blown.
How to order: Takeout / delivery only; order takeout online here.

Parlour burger
Courtesy of Parlour

St. Paul / Minneapolis
Parlour arguably started the revelation of burgers that have swept the Twin Cities in the last few years. Whether or not you agree, their burger is undeniably top notch. Only one burger is on offer, and it’s worth it. Don’t be afraid to stick with the basics but note that many add ons are available and worthwhile. Pro tip: Hit the daily happy hour to get a meaningful discount on the burger and use the savings to go big with extra bacon, egg, and a side of fries to build the perfect indulgence.
How to order: Available for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. Order delivery online here.

Uptown, Minneapolis
Another great place to find a burger and chicken mashup is Logan’s Burgers & Chicken. Only one burger style is on offer but you can customize the size, and the prices (starting at $3.49) can’t be beat. We recommend grabbing a triple patty, a side of fries, and a frosty mango shake for a filling, indulgent meal that will leave you happy and full for well under $20. What’s not to love? 
How to order: Available for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. Order delivery online here.

Northeast, Minneapolis
There are plenty of good burgers to be found in the warren of bars that wends through Northeast Minneapolis, but where do you go for the best burger? The Sample Room has our vote. It’s the only place (to our knowledge) that you can find an elk and bacon burger patty; a drizzle of maple syrup makes it otherworldly. But the real star of the show is the Bottineau Burger, so named for the restaurant’s locale. A house-cut burger of ground beef topped with pork belly, cheddar, and brandied onion… what’s not to love? Make sure to order an extra side of the smoked tomato aioli, because the spread on the bun won’t be enough. 
How to order: Available for dine-in and takeout. Order curbside pickup here. 

The Howe burger
The Howe burger | Photo by Breanna Julius

Howe, Minneapolis 
If your palate leans towards more adventurous flavors, we recommend hitting up The Howe. Whether it’s the Drunken Four Cheese Burger (exactly like it sounds), a Loaded Chorizo Burger, or a spectacular meatless All American Beyond Burger, you can’t go wrong. Our choice is the Blue Fig Burger, a droolworthy concoction of two 1/4 lb patties topped with bacon, four-cheese spread (bleu, goat, ricotta, and cream cheese), crispy onions, arugula, and fig jam.
How to order: Available for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. Order delivery online here.

Northeast, Minneapolis
Although downtown Minneapolis is still sorely missing the presence of the original Eli’s, you can still enjoy some of their top notch bar food at the Northeast location across the river. Eli’s is one of the rare places where an eclectic menu is actually well executed across the board, so feel free to indulge whatever you happen to be craving. Burger-wise? You can’t go wrong with the truffle burger (topped with mushroom-leek confit, truffle oil, and provolone cheese). Pay the extra $2 to upgrade to some of the Twin Cities’ best crispy tots while you’re at it—it’s worth it.
How to order: Available for dine-in and takeout. Call 612-331-0031 to order. 

Black bean burger
Black bean burger | Photo by Breanna Julius

St. Louis Park
Venture outside of the city proper and you’ll find many good burger joints. One of our top picks is The Block, just over the highway into St. Louis Park. Their extensive menu has something for everyone, but it’s particularly impressive when you hit the burgers. The Block offers 15—yes, count ‘em—side options alone, meaning there truly is something for everyone. If you need help narrowing it down, we recommend carnivores go with the classic but luxe smoked bacon burger, which adds bacon into the patty, spread, and topping; and vegetarian friends check out the black bean burger, which blends cilantro and wild mushrooms into the patty and is a topped with blend of Southwestern and barbeque flavors. 
How to order: Available for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. Order delivery online here.

St. Paul / Minneapolis
Red Cow has been making waves on the burger front for a few years now and it’s easy to see why. With four locations and counting, Red Cow has one of the most creative and accessible burger menus around. You can’t go wrong with any of the orders, but our personal favorites are the Spanish-influenced Barcelona Burger topped with manchego, prosciutto, piquillo pepper, and smoked pepper aioli; or the Ahi Tuna burger, which is basically a rice-less sushi roll in burger form. Oenophiles, take note: Red Cow flies under the radar as one of the best places in the Twin Cities to experience wines by the glass thanks to their Le Verre de Vin wine preservation system, which allows access to excellent wines normally unavailable barside. 
How to order: Available for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. Order delivery online here.

Hideaway burger
Courtesy of Hideaway

St. Anthony Main, Minneapolis
For those who need to spice up their lives, hit up The Hideaway Cabin Bar. Located on beautiful St. Anthony Main, this curated burger range packs a big punch. The Where Y'At? marries classic burger toppings like bacon and blue cheese with a Cajun-spiced patty and jalapeno-lime mayo. If you are all in on bringing the heat, skip straight to the Hot Damn! covered in spicy giardiniera, ghost pepper cheese, and pepper mayo. While you’re at it, customize one of their delish pizza options to take home with you. 
How to order: Available for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. Order delivery online here.

While technically a little too far to count as part of the Twin Cities, King’s Place earns an honorable mention for being a true burger palace that is not to be missed. This is the kind of joint that will make you feel right at home and the great prices (the spendiest burger clocks in at $8.29) will leave you nostalgic for the days when gas was a dollar and change per gallon. The extensive menu has literally dozens of kinds of burgers; spring for something different with one of the peanut butter or sauerkraut options. And if you’re already driving 44 miles, we suggest you make a day out of it and hit up Alexis Bailly Vineyard, the first vineyard and producer of Minnesota-grape wines in the state, on your way home.
How to Order: Dine in and drive through only. 

Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub
Courtesy of Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub

Standish, Minneapolis
Nowhere defines two ends of the burger spectrum quite like Northbound Smokehouse Brewpub. Meatless friends can enjoy an excellent wild rice burger, but let’s be honest—you don’t go to a smokehouse unless you’re seeking more protein-filled pastures. If that is the case, look no further than the Smoke Stack, aka the turducken of the burger world. The Smoke Stack features a hamburger patty, corn beef, ham, 18-hour porketta, smoked Swiss, and smoked cheddar with Texas BBQ, all between a toasted egg bun and a curl of bacon. Grab some of the house smoked bacon to take home with you and you’ll never need to order meat again.
How to order: Available for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. Order delivery online here.

One of the cheapest quality burger venues lies in Hopkins at Hoagie’s Family Restaurant. Doing it diner style for over 60 years, Hoagie’s is a no-fail option when you want something fast, comforting and affordable. The burgers are simple but satisfying and clock in a little more than a Big Mac would set you back. Feel free to bring the kids and grandparents too.   
How to order: Available for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. Order delivery online here.

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