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The 8 best burgers in the Twin Cities, ranked

We've already talked to you about the most underrated burgers in MSP and picked the best burger in every 'hood in the Twin Cities, but you know what we haven't done? Besides eat lunch yet today (for some reason we're really hungry), obviously. We haven't ranked the eight best burgers in MSP. Until now...

8. The Juicy Nookie

The Nook (address and info)
You can’t ever go wrong with a Juicy Nookie, and if that sounds like it might be outside of your comfort zone, you're probably be right, 'cause the melted napalm in the middle that they call cheese is nothing shy of dangerous, so approach with caution. Delicious, delicious, caution.

7. The Blucy

Blue Door Pub (address and info)
St. Paul/Minneapolis
This is another one the city’s premier cheese-filled meat-bombs, and whether you’re on the St. Paul or Minneapolis side of the river, you’re never too far away from a Blucy.

Keane Amdahl

6. The Angus Cheeseburger

The Happy Gnome (address and info)
Cathedral Hill
This little beef bomb bleeds decadence. Cooked to order and topped with slow braised short ribs and cheddar cheese, this burger is the one to beat in St. Paul.

Keane Amdahl

5. The Steak Burger

Libertine (address and info)
For just opening this summer, the burger at this joint is already starting to establish a pretty big fan base. Simplicity is the key here as it's topped with nothing more than white cheddar cheese and a sweet, sticky bacon jam.


4. The Jucy Lucy

Matt’s Bar (address and info)
If there were one Jucy Lucy to rule them all, it’s got to be the one at Matt’s Bar. After all, they are the ones that taught us to “fear the cheese”. There’s just something about these cheesy little meat pucks that always leave us wanting to come back for more.

3. The Perfect Burger

Victory 44 (address and info)
North Minneapolis
To deem your own burger "perfect" might be a stretch for some, but this North Minneapolis spot delivers a nearly flawless bacon-/cheese-topped meat-wich that may not be "perfect", but it's very, very, close.

2. (The Parlour) Burger

Parlour (address and info)
North Loop
The simply titled "burger" is not to be underestimated. It's made using freshly ground sirloin, ribeye, and brisket and served with basic American cheese. It’s the kind of burger that has you on the edge of your seat until it’s gone, and then you’ll relax back into your seat and consider ordering another one for dessert.

1. Burger (+ Beer)

HauteDish (address and info)
North Loop
Our number one pick not only comes with a perfectly cooked burger, but it also comes topped with the perfect accoutrement. It's got with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, homemade pickles, and horseradish mustard, but wait there's more... you get get this beast, fries, and a beer all for $10 bucks at the bar. Seriously, how could this not be #1?!

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