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Build the burger of your dreams in St. Paul

Finally putting West St. Paul on the map -- which technically it always was, but just like way off to the side kinda hiding under that little distance conversion thingy -- BYO Burger's a new gourmet burgery that's slinging the most badass kinda burger: yours

The highlight of their construction-themed strip-mall digs is the wall-spanning nine-step menu that means 483840 ways to construct your burger

Start with simple distinctions like char-broiled or griddled, then get crazy with toppings that include fried eggs, bacon, or chili, and really crazy with ham, peanut butter, or a whole hot dog

This glorious concoction consists of two char-broiled patties topped with cheddar, that hot dog, bacon, fried egg, jalapenos, red peppers, and green olives, or what you might call "the works". Or what will make your heart cease to do "the works"

Should a BYO menu so infinite render your brain dead before that last burger renders your heart dead, they've also got a handful of pre-designed pucks like this Big Texan (bacon, fried onions, 'shrooms, cheddar, and BBQ sauce), just in case you also want to be sizeable enough to be seen on a map.