Tacos, Nachos & Beer
A downtown St. Paul pit stop with, umm, tacos, nachos, and beer

Drew Wood

Yeah, you get the deal with this place.

Situated on downtown St. Paul walking mall W 7th Place, TN&B gutted a former Jimmy John's and replaced its chain-style branding with their own, uh, chain-style branding, as they hope to expand to five more locations in the next two years.

A taco shop within a taco shop!? Meta taco shop!

The name really does say it all. Just pick your traditional Mexico City-style taco, your nachos, and your beer.

Almost everything's scratch-made, including their tortillas, which're hand-rolled using an old-school device called the Tortilladora Monarca, which roughly translates to "after an hour of rolling torillas we regret that we chose to roll our own tortillas."

Upon these front-and-center griddles there shall be prime rib, steak, house chorizo, or whatever other meat you choose.

That's a fish taco.


The chow's like a church mission trip to Cancun in that it comes salsa-less, but just down the way is an alluringly gluttonous salsa bar. Flavor yourself with mild-ish avocado or pico, or go nuts with pretty freaking spicy habenero.

And since it's not Tacos, Nachos, & Those Adorable Mini Bottles of Cab Sauv, they're pouring beers like Victoria, Dos Equis, and Modelo.

Drew Wood
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1. Tacos, Nachos & Beer 5 W 7th Pl, St. Paul, MN 55102

A new Mexican joint on St. Paul's W 7th Place walking mall, TN&B dishes out exactly what their name indicates, with practically everything made from scratch in-house.

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