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Just St. Paul's average Mexican seafood-slinging discotheque

Published On 02/05/2013 Published On 02/05/2013

St. Paul's Las Sirenas is one part purveyor of Mexican seafood and one part michelada-laden late night dance party, meaning it's like Minnesota's version of Cancun, albeit without their scorching mid-50s temperatures

Across the Mighty Miss from Downtown St. Paul, Las Sirenas transformed the bulk of the formerly closed-off El Toro space into a beachy terracotta-tiled dining room

There's an entire page of seafood cocktails including the Vuelve a la Vida: raw oysters next to shrimp and octopus in cocktail sauce. FYI, "cocktail sauce" is also what they call tequila in Cancun

This octopus joint is one of several ceviches

Should octopus salad not be your bag, wrap your tentacles around tacos, burritos, and fajitas, including chicken/shrimp/steak "Mixtas"

The Mexican drinks you'd expect are all there, but they also go deep with Harriet Brewing's West Side on tap. Or just go crazy with beer-based micheladas, like this one blending Corona with clam juice and shrimp

Come 9p (or as old people call it, "the witching hour") this place becomes a full-on dance-club with everything from DJs to mariachi

Don't believe that this Mexican seafood joint gets jiggy? EVIDENCE: the first water-lit bar in the Twin Cities, people

And this chick hangs out there a bunch. She's actually way more active than most of the girls you find in real Cancun.

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1. Las Sirenas 199 Plato Blvd, St. Paul, MN 55107 (West Side)

If you want to go to Cancun without the hassle of traveling, it's best to head to Las Sirenas. Equal parts purveyor of Mexican seafood and host of late-night dance parties, it's like the Mexico you've always dreamt of visiting...just without the weather, the beaches, or the pesos. They've got a whole bunch of seafood options, including various ceviche dishes, octopus, and more. In case you aren't into swimmy things, they've got you covered with some delicious tacos, fajitas, and burritos. And if you come after 9pm, you'll enter a full-scale dance club, topped off with DJs and a live mariachi band.