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The Twin Cities' 5 most incredible melty sandwiches

Beautiful grilled cheese

National Grilled Cheese Month (or as unlearned people call it, "April") is slowly oozing away, so hop on this round-up of the best dairy sandwiches around before it's too late. Otherwise you'll be stuck eating them in, (eww), May

Ward 6's Fatty Melt858 Payne Ave; East St. Paul; 651.348.8181Reward your trek to this East St. Paul pub with "the lovechild of a burger and a grilled cheese sandwich": two grilled cheeses used as buns on a massive bacon cheeseburger.Peep Ward 6's full website for all their tasty delights

The Butcher & The Boar's Lobster Grilled Cheese1121 Hennepin Ave; Downtown; 612.238.8888Located deep in the "Waters" section of their menu, Butcher hides an uber-decadent crustacean grilled cheese that's easily one of the best dishes in the whole place. If you're truly baller, you'll take the option to top it with an organic egg. Click here for our piece on TB&TB... and menus

The Lowry's Grilled Cheese2112 Hennepin Ave; Uptown; 612.341.2112A perfectly twisted version of the just-like-mom-used-to-make classic, The Lowry's GC sets off Tillamook and Vermont cheddar with tomato chutney, and serves the Parmesan-crusted sourdough sammich with a tomato soup shooter on the side. Sound great? It is. Hook up to Lowry's site for more info...

Jelly Bean and Julia's Grilled CheeseClick here for locations informationJog 10 miles to this food truck to work off, like, 1/3 of the calories you'll get from their mega-tasty bacon grilled cheese, which's topped with anything from scratch Jalapeno Pickled Cabbage to Strawberry-Habanero Cream Cheese.Get more here

Pat's Tap's Grilled Cheese3510 Nicollet Ave; SoMi; 612.822.8216The grilled cheese at Pat's Tap in SoMi might not be copious, or itself sandwiching some larger meaty miracle, but the tasty simplicity of its Taleggio, fig, arugula, and apples more than makes up for it.More on Pat's other sides -- like beer and skee ball -- here

Ward 6's Grilled Cheese in Minneapolis
Grilled cheese from The Lowry in Minneapolis
Grilled Cheese from Pat's Tap in MN