Food & Drink

Creole market hash & meringue-topped custard

It's time to make like annoying teenagers that you're secretly jealous of, and French all day, as this Selby Ave breakfast/lunch spot dishes France's version of comfort food

The interior's been painstakingly built out to look like an 1890s Parisian parlor, and you've never been to one, so you can't prove otherwise

This Creole Market Hash (poached eggs on a spicy root veggie/ smoked ham hash w/ scratch hollandaise) fronts a breakfast menu that also includes a trio of fancy-cheese omelets and a salmon scramble

The Philly French Dip on ciabatta with au jus is one of a host of hot, French/Creole sandwiches

Dessert is a thing French people have after every meal and/or snack and/or drink of water, so make like them and dig into this meringue-topped custard

"Pumpkin ginger white chocolate bread". Now that's a mouthful

Ho-ho-ho! This is how Santa manages to get up early and make presents, despite being 500 years old, and morbidly obese

This latte's served as steamy as those teenagers, and as frothy as you while tearfully watching them from afar.