Food & Drink

Third wave caffeine in Dinkytown

Third wave coffee has washed up on Dinkytown's shores with Publika, an outpost of the artisan coffee movement ready to caffeinate students, and turn you into a student of serious beans.Rough-hewn salvaged furniture and metal are framed out with plywood wall treatments for a look absolutely no one is calling "Third Aisle of Home Depot Chic". Holy bubble teas! Seriously: bubble teas are considered holy in several East Asian fringe religions. This Matcha Tea Latte is served with a layer of milk and topped with a sweetened red bean called "Adzuki". God bless you! No seriously: the gods of several East Asian fringe religions will bless you for buying this holiest of bubble teas. Their signature drink's got a hint of caramel and made-fresh tapioca pearls in black tea from Sun Moon Lake, AKA, any lake that exists in a world that rotates. Want tea that tastes like taters? This guy's made using ground potatoes and yams. Oh right, the whole coffee thing... check it out!They're using Dogwood, the best roaster in town (suck it, Lisa Lampanelli!). You heart cappuccinos.Eventually they'll have paninis and other sammies, but for now they've got a bakery case where you'll find stuff like these glorious muffins.This ginger cookie's half-frosted, just like the student body's hair back when you were in college.