Yeah, this is that Japanese fish that can kill you

Be still your heart (, actually, hopefully not): Downtown's Origami has just added the notoriously poisonous blowfish to the menu for the holidays. Fugu that hits US shores has already been dismantled and looks like this (minus the knife chopping off the head). Due to FDA and international food trafficking regulations, they can only import fish that've been farm-raised, which eliminates much of the fish's notoriously lethal poison "tetrodotoxin." But no one who you tell about eating this thing needs to know that! Chef Shigeyuki Furukawa is one of the few chefs in the world who holds the Japanese license allowing him to serve this thing.Fugu literally translates to "river pig", but check out how much meat you actually get from one, and it's clear who the real pig will be. It's cut sashimi thin with a specialized Fugu knife, the most niche piece of kitchen equipment since the asparagus peeler.Plated with the sashimi, the actual puffer sack is stripped of it's spines and boiled.Add some garnishes and you've got your completed sashimi plate.Meatier pieces from the head, back fin, spine, and lip are rinsed in water, washed in soy sauce, and deep-fried in soy bean oil like there's no tomorrow. (Again, hopefully there will be.) Ironically, even negligently prepared fugu is better for you than actual fried chicken. The tail fins found out this three-part preparation, filleted and dry-aged before... ...being submerged in a nice glass of hot sake, making for one of the most (cardiac) arresting looking drinks around.