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The Eastside's gluttonous under-(pork)belly

Published On 12/17/2012 Published On 12/17/2012

Ward 6 might not be named after Hugh Beaumont's casting number to play Beaver Cleaver's dad, but golly gee is St. Paul's new beer bar swell anyway

The place is built into an Eastside saloon that's been shuttered since the '60s, and that there's the original, solid oak bar

These fish and chips are fried in "special beef fat" and served with malt vinegar mayo

The "love child of a burger and a grilled cheese sandwich" (w/ bacon!), the Fatty Melt does the opposite of what its name implies

Ready to look like you're carrying your own love child? Then chow "Bacon-on-a-Stick": generous slabs of Fischer Farms pork belly topped with cayenne-lemon gastrique; AKA the streak eating all of the above food might give you

This picture is included because you'll no longer be able to see the floor past your belly

Their 20 total taps include 18 locals, from Indeed to Lucid. Also, other beers that don't start with J or K

This commercial malt machine was salvaged form a dude's garage, and now churns out adult milkshakes like the Meyer's Rum & white creme de cacao "Wonderful Ice Cream Suit", so prepare for your heart to swell, too.

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1. Ward 6 858 Payne Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55130 (Payne Phalen)

This beer bar and eatery boasts a menu specifically with "food for drinking", as well as a load of other entree options for three squares a day, as well as a a drink menu with plenty-o-beers, adult milkshakes(!), and cocktails, which begs the question why Wards 1-5 even bother to compete.