Food & Drink

A food truck that really rocks

Rock and roll will never die, but you will, quite contentedly, after eating a tour-bus-worth of bacon brat burgers from Motley Crews Heavy Metal Grill.Hey Alicia Keys: who cares about that girl, because this truck is on fire! Graphics inspired by KISS Alive II.See what they did there?Among the opening acts: Philly steak chili topped with a fistful of cheese.This pineapple-y Hawaiian sammich (the Hawaiian Crews) is among the impressive array of overflowing main acts. Bacon brat burgers topped with a mound of scratch kraut and melted government cheese are sure to -- wait for it -- strike the right chord! Specifically, a B-fat!The chicken cheesesteak -- AKA Chubby Chick -- rocks an undercoating of Whiz and a top coat of mozzarella.Their staple sammie, the Almost Famous Funky Philly, is not to be confused with what other golfers call Mickelson when he refuses to change his socks during a tourney.They also sell some walk-away snackage like bags of these scratch pretzels coated with a top-secret "sweet & heat" seasoning. It takes a secure man to allow his girlfriend's ex-husband's nuts in his food truck, but that's precisely what's happening here with these candied almonds. So enjoy these nuts, and continue to support AC/DC.