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To-go sushi from the folks behind Masu

One Two Three Sushi isn't just the starting cry at Japan's traditional World Sushi-Eating Championships; it's also the sleek, fast-service joint from the cats behind Masu

Before entering their IDS Crystal Court locale, look up to thank the sushi gods for finally bringing quality sushi to the skyway

Then look in at their colorful space

Rolls get built in a Subway-esque assembly line. Choose rice, seafood (yellowfin tuna to poached lobster tail), two fillings (cream cheese, jalapenos, fresh mangos, a million other things), and toppings like salmon roe & tempura

Combo #243819: white rice, crab stick, avocado, and... some other stuff... all topped with tempura crunch and spicy mayo

This grab-and-go bin will typically be stocked with three to five styles of classic rolls, just in case you've gotta roll

Steamed buns include Pork Tonkatsu, Green Tea Smoked Chicken, and this Shrimp Tempura with spicy mayo

Or enjoy this big ol' bowl of deliciously heavy pork belly ramen, and prepare to yell: "3, 2, 1...sleep!".