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The best dishes in MSP that you won't find on any menu

Published On 09/13/2013 Published On 09/13/2013
The Devil's Advocate Buffalo ball pasta
Drew Wood

Sorry to break it to you, but when you order your cheeseburger with lettuce subbed in for buns, not only is it morally reprehensible, it also totally doesn't count as ordering off-menu. And, so as not to make you feel bad about your desire to go bunless, we've amassed the six best actual off-menu items in town, so next time you can dominate your order.

The Strip Club

Speakeasy Burger, The Strip Club
St. Paul
St. Paul's Strip Club has long been known for it's Loaded Burger with cheese, mushrooms, bacon, and tomato, but come foie gras season (Fall), you can order it "Speakeasy", which adds an egg and -- you guessed it -- foie gras seared in port wine sauce.

Drew Wood

Angel Mac, The Devil's Advocate
The formerly meatball-only craft beer bar (with a penchant for arguing just for the hell of it) won't argue against you going off-script and demanding the Angel Mac, a smoked gouda mac 'n cheese with spinach and buffalo chicken balls.

Isles Bun & Coffee

Focaccia Crust Lunch Pizza, Isles Bun & Coffee
The sweets-slingers at Isles Bun & Coffee in Uptown don't necessarily hide the fact that at around noon they throw whatever tasty scraps they've got from that morning's action on a rectangular focaccia crust, and, until it's sold out, become pizza-slingers, but they certainly don't have it on their menu.

Pig Ate My Pizza

Fender Bender, Pig Ate My Pizza
Of all the crazy things the wunderkinds at Pig Ate My Pizza do with their food menu, one of their biggest innovations turns out to be their simplest. Scrap the beer menu next time and order a Fender Bender. They'll know exactly what you're talking about: a Surly Furious/Surly Bender house blend that manages to transcend both of its epic counterparts.

Nutella Panini, Punch Pizza
Imagine thin Punch Pizza crust enveloping an unadulterated dollop of Nutella quesadilla-style, and then flash-cooked. Now walk into almost any Punch Pizza and order that off-menu dessert, and be very, very glad you did.

The Matty Special, Republic
Uptown and West Bank
Alright, so we feel kinda bad about ragging on your desire to go bunless, as the proprietor of craft beer juggernaut Republic, Matty O'Reilly, prefers sans-carbs on his go-to burg: a grass-fed burger with Brie cheese, a slab of pork belly, and a fried egg on top with a kale/quinoa/feta/tomato salad and sherry vinaigrette on the side. This one's so secret, there are no pictures of it ANYWHERE.

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1. The Strip Club Meat & Fish 378 Maria Ave, St. Paul, MN 55106 (Downtown St Paul)

Grass-fed beef is the name of the game at St. Paul’s premier meatery, an independent St. Paul chop and fish house, helmed by chef JD Fratzke. Strip House exhibits incredible use of ingredients from small, local farms, but it’s also distinctly unique and almost rustic despite its overall level of refinement and balance. The drink menu changes seasonally and the results are always spectacular, but even the long-standing staple drinks, like the Cobra Kai, are simply stunning.

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2. Devil's Advocate 89 S 10th St, Minneapolis, MN 55403 (Downtown)

40 expertly curated taps, root beer-glazed pork belly, and hands down the best cheesesteak in the Twin Cities? Cha-ching.

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3. Republic Uptown 3001 Hennepin Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408 (Uptown)

In a republic, the affairs of the state are a "public matter", so in this case, those affairs are more than 50 taps, an extensive cocktail menu and plenty of delicious food to soak up said beer and cocktails.

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4. Isles Bun & Coffee 1424 W 28th St, Minneapolis, MN 55408 (Uptown)

A quirky coffee shop with every kind of brew you could ever want, plus their famous Puppy Dog Tails, addictive cinnamon twists that were named by the nursery school children next door.

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5. Pig Ate My Pizza 4154 W Broadway Ave, Robbinsdale, MN 55422

This pizzeria started by the gang at molecular gastronomy hotspot Travail is known for its gourmet, porchetta filled pies. The namesake Piggy Pie is a must-try for local foodies: the gloriously doughy pizza contains an incredible amount of pork on a thick, buttery brioche crust. It’s as delicious as it sounds. Run, don't walk to this one.

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6. Punch Neapolitan Pizza 210 E Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55414 (Northeast)

Serving authentic Neapolitan 'za (including the San Marzano tomato sauce), Punch is one of the best pizzerias in the Twin Cities.



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